A Crossover I would like to see

So they made 2 Alien VS. Predator movies, but you know what movie I’ve always wanted to see? Terminator VS. Predator. I think that would be a much more interesting movie. The aliens honestly don’t stand a chance against predator, but the Terminator? That would be a showdown worth watching. A nice one on one fight between the two of them.

Here’s how I would make the crossover work. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Terminator. He also played Dutch, the guy who managed to kill the predator in the first film. Now in both series there are more than one terminator, and more than one predator.

My theory: Dutch was the guy they modeled the terminator model after. Think about it, it would make perfect sense. In the future once Skynet happened and all that they based that particular model of terminator after Dutch, a war hero. Since both the terminator and dutch are played by Arnold I think this is plausible. You could say that the terminator wasn’t modeled after a particular person, and while this would make sense that they would make an incredibly physically fit person like Arnold, why would they give him an Austrian accent? That’s a little question I always had in the terminator movies, why would they give the robot an Austrian accent? Well the answer is that they were just being faithful to Dutch who the terminator was modeled after.

So now that Dutch is the terminator he can continue to fight predators, it would either be one terminator vs. one predator, or whole armies of them, either way, make this movie happen. LISTEN UP HOLLYWOOD; IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BOTHER COMING UP WITH ORIGINAL IDEAS AND CHARACTER, DON’T MAKE REMAKES, INSTEAD MAKE CROSSOVERS.


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  1. Kevin in L.A. says:

    Thank you very much for you post…I just finished watching the Alien 3 Assembly Cut, and I was thinking, what is canon, and what isn’t…I determined, the only way to watch it is as follows:

    – The Terminator
    – Predator
    – Terminator 2: Judgment Day
    – RoboCop
    – Alien
    – Aliens

    This includes The Big Four in SciFi and in chronological order…which got me to thinking…maybe Dutch is the blueprint for Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, for the T-800 series. It makes perfect sense, as SkyNet would want to use a superior specimen of humanity, and who better than someone who has taken down an alien being?

    Once SkyNet had access to all electronic information, it tracked down Dutch, and possibly captured him with rubber-skinned T-600s, and forced him to undergo an examination to model advanced terminators after him.

    Now the question is, when does RoboCop take place? Perhaps after the Humans have won in 2029? Before Cyberdyne grew into Hyperdyne?

    Thanks for your post:)


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