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Macabre Month of Horror: Movie Review #2 “The Host”

The Host

Welcome to day two of our Fourth Annual Macabrethe host #2 review macabre month of horror 2014 Month of Horror. Today’s review is for the movie “The Host”

Please keep in mind these are Horror Movies and the video reviews contain content from the films that may not be appropriate for younger viewers, or those with a weak constitution for that matter.

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Movie Review #2 “The Host”

The Host” is about a giant fish-like monster that rampages through South Korea. It might sound like your typical monster movie, but what you end up getting is a surprisingly deep and emotional movie that just happens to feature an awesome monster. 

The Host” was named one of Quentin Tarantino‘s top twenty films since 1992.

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Stuffed animals inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’

The team of Re-Cyco Dogs has been fully assemble and ready to rock their first movie trailer parody.

As you all know, S is an aspiring film maker and his favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. I started making these little guys and popped a collar and tie on one and bang, an idea was born. I asked him to recreate one of the official “Reservoir Dogs” movie trailers using these cute guys.

But of course there are more than just Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Brown, Mr. White and Mr. Blue in the trailer so other characters were needed.

Joe and Nice Guy Eddie put the team together in the movie, but Sam thought they should be Bulldogs rather than Scotty Dogs. I decided to use a left over log cabin quilt block of blues and purples to make Nice Dog Eddie to sort of match the windbreaker worn by Nice Guy Eddie played by Chris Penn in the movie.

Speaking of left overs. All the stuffed animals are hand sewn using recycled materials. That’s why I call them the Re-Cyco Dogs.

There is a scene with Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, pulling a woman out of a car when he was running away from the cops. This scene was used in all the movie trailers. Below is a still shot from the movie. Below that is a photo of my version of Mr. Pink and a very surprised cat.

There is a scene with Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, pulling a woman out of a car when he was running away from the cops. This scene was used in all the movie trailers. Below is a still shot from the movie. Below that is a photo of my version of Mr. Pink and a very surprised cat.
We also needed four police officers to complete the trailer. Three that chase Mr. Pink when he makes his getaway and the one officer, Marvin Nash, who is kidnapped by Michael Madsen‘s character, Mr. Blonde.
Given we were making a spoof on a Tarantino movie where the criminals have zero respect for the cops, we made the cops pigs.
 Here’s my little handmade version of Mr. Blonde and police officer Marvin Nash with a quote from that iconic scene where he cuts his ear off. I stitched long strands of red thread for the blood where that little pig’s ear should be. Now I’ve got “Stuck in the Middle with You” stuck in my head.

Thank you Quentin Tarantino for all you do.

Valentine’s Day special

By Sam Kench

This is a dark and surreal drama called “Rose-Tinted” for Valentine’s Day Please give it a watch and leave some feedback

Mulholland Drive came with an interesting little sheet called David Lynch’s seven keys to unlocking this feature. I figured I’d do a similar thing since this short is very weird. These will explain some of the mystery so if you’d rather leave it ambiguous and not know, don’t read any further.  So here it is “Sam Kench’s 6 keys to unlocking Rose-Tinted”

1.) Look closely – Pay close attention to what is on screen. There are foreshadowing elements hidden in the background as well as in single frames spliced into earlier scenes, fight club style.

2.) Open your mind – Things are not what they seem, nor are they occurring in chronological order. Be aware that the audience sees things from the main character’s point of view, and the character may not be the most sane person.

3.) Repetition is the key – Certain lines of dialogue, actions, and even camera movements are repeated throughout the short, find the repetition and things should begin to make more sense.

4.) Important objects – Important objects include the owl, the glasses, and the mask. Pay attention to these objects as they carry great importance.

5.) Be a consistent watcher/chess fanatic – The writing on the main characters arm can really only be understood if you are either a continuous watcher of my videos, or if you are an extreme fanatic. The WWLHD written on the arm stands for What Would Liam Henry Do as muttered by the main character. Liam Henry is a person who has been name dropped in the punch line of more than one joke on my sketch show Yes Son That is a Lion. Liam Henry is a real person and he is a competitive chess player. The main character discovers the WWLHD directly before playing chess against the mask.

6.) The other acronym – The other acronym in the video can be seen on the envelope where the main character finds the note. On the sender line of the envelope the letters S.S.C are written. S.S.C. stands for Shaun’s Sub-Conscious. This acronym is visible immediately before the main character receives a phone call harassing him. The other end of the call is his subconscious attacking him for the all the things he doesn’t like about himself.

Clone Hunt Level 1

This is a quick little action video done to test out some new editing moves. Check it out, if you want a Clone Hunt level 2 leave a comment saying so.

The Raid: Redemption ~ Jumping Off Point Review

the raid redemption movie review

the raid redemption movie reviewMembers of the Newfound Film Making Club review the movie The Raid: Redemption.

SUMMARY: A S.W.A.T. team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobster and his army of killers and thugs.

Director/Writer:  Gareth Evans

Stars:  Iko UwaisAnanda GeorgeRay Sahetapy

WARNING: This video contains profanity



“Extortion” a neo-noir short film by Sam

This video was written, shot, and edited in one day. I edited the video on Sony Vegas Platinum 11. I wrote, produced, directed, edited and was the cinematographer and art director. I also acted Marcus alongside Shaun Hathaway playing Joey.

The movie is styled as a neo-noir movie, with a unique visual style. I made the film pure black and white; no grays. The style is influenced by noir works such as “Pi”, “L.A. Noir”, and “Sin City”.

The suit is a reference to Tarantino‘s “Pulp Fiction” and “Reservoir Dogs”, and the boss’ name is a “Pulp Fiction” reference as well. The music is the theme to Darren Aronofsky’sPi

We shot the video in a secluded parking lot behind an abandoned building. Someone saw us filming and thought it was real (a compliment to our acting!) and called the police. The police showed up and we had to explain to them that we were just shooting a movie.

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