The Hateful Eight (2015) Review

Sam Kench reviews the 2015 film The Hateful Eight written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, and Demian Bichir.

This review is from about over a month ago with the film was first released. Click below to watch the

The Hateful 8 is set 6 or 8 or 12 years after the Civil War in blistering cold, snowy Wyoming, and a blizzard is coming.  Bounty Hunter John Ruth is bringing his bounty, Ms. Daisy  to the town of Red Rock where she’s scheduled hang for her crimes.  Along the way he and his wagon driver Olie pick up two strangers; another bounty hunter and former union soldier, Major Marquis Warren, and a former southern renegade who claims to be the new mayor of Red Rock, Chris Mannix.  The impending storm forces them to stop at Minnie’s. Rather than being greeted by the bubbly Minnie, four strangers have taken up residence in the shop/stage coach station to wait out the storm. As the storm takes over the mountainside cabin worlds collide. Who’s fate is it to make it out alive?



Macabre Month of Horror: Movie Review #2 “The Host”

The Host

Welcome to day two of our Fourth Annual Macabrethe host #2 review macabre month of horror 2014 Month of Horror. Today’s review is for the movie “The Host”

Please keep in mind these are Horror Movies and the video reviews contain content from the films that may not be appropriate for younger viewers, or those with a weak constitution for that matter.

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Movie Review #2 “The Host”

The Host” is about a giant fish-like monster that rampages through South Korea. It might sound like your typical monster movie, but what you end up getting is a surprisingly deep and emotional movie that just happens to feature an awesome monster. 

The Host” was named one of Quentin Tarantino‘s top twenty films since 1992.

Want a copy of your very own? Click Here  to buy “The Host” on DVD

Stuffed animals inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’

The team of Re-Cyco Dogs has been fully assemble and ready to rock their first movie trailer parody.

As you all know, S is an aspiring film maker and his favorite director is Quentin Tarantino. I started making these little guys and popped a collar and tie on one and bang, an idea was born. I asked him to recreate one of the official “Reservoir Dogs” movie trailers using these cute guys.

But of course there are more than just Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange, Mr. Brown, Mr. White and Mr. Blue in the trailer so other characters were needed.

Joe and Nice Guy Eddie put the team together in the movie, but Sam thought they should be Bulldogs rather than Scotty Dogs. I decided to use a left over log cabin quilt block of blues and purples to make Nice Dog Eddie to sort of match the windbreaker worn by Nice Guy Eddie played by Chris Penn in the movie.

Speaking of left overs. All the stuffed animals are hand sewn using recycled materials. That’s why I call them the Re-Cyco Dogs.

There is a scene with Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, pulling a woman out of a car when he was running away from the cops. This scene was used in all the movie trailers. Below is a still shot from the movie. Below that is a photo of my version of Mr. Pink and a very surprised cat.

There is a scene with Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi, pulling a woman out of a car when he was running away from the cops. This scene was used in all the movie trailers. Below is a still shot from the movie. Below that is a photo of my version of Mr. Pink and a very surprised cat.
We also needed four police officers to complete the trailer. Three that chase Mr. Pink when he makes his getaway and the one officer, Marvin Nash, who is kidnapped by Michael Madsen‘s character, Mr. Blonde.
Given we were making a spoof on a Tarantino movie where the criminals have zero respect for the cops, we made the cops pigs.
 Here’s my little handmade version of Mr. Blonde and police officer Marvin Nash with a quote from that iconic scene where he cuts his ear off. I stitched long strands of red thread for the blood where that little pig’s ear should be. Now I’ve got “Stuck in the Middle with You” stuck in my head.

Thank you Quentin Tarantino for all you do.

Sam’s Movie Recommendation of the Week #4

The Host

host poster

Reasons to watch

  • It’s a giant monster movie that also manages to be a competent drama.

The effects are great. There is a mix of CG and practical effects and all looks very good.

  • Quentin Tarantino named this one of his favorite movies since he became a filmmaker. If that isn’t a big enough recommendation from you, I don’t know what would do it.

CLICK HERE to read my full review of The Host.

the host

Top 5 Most Volatile Movie Characters

Sticking with my trend of top ten lists that haven’t been done before, here is my list of the top 5 most volatile characters of all time.



You can watch this list in video form right here:

These are the characters who are just completely unstable. The kind of characters that make you nervous whenever they’re in the room. You don’t know what they’ll do or when they’ll do it, they could snap at any moment and kill everyone.

So without further ado here my list of the top 5 most volatile characters ever put on screen.

5.) Ritchie Gecko – Quentin Tarantino – From Dusk Till Dawn

ritchie gecko

Quentin Tarantino is a writer/director primarily, but he is also capable of giving a really damn good performance.

He plays Ritchie Gecko who I think is one of the most interesting characters ever written. He is mentally unstable and it’s hard to tell where he draws the line. He’s a sex offender and a murderer and what makes him all the more volatile, is the way he acts about his actions. He has an almost innocent sense about what he does, as if he doesn’t know the things he does are wrong, or perhaps that he somehow validates his actions to himself.

One single line really gives you a sense of his mental state and that is when he turns to the Juliet Lewis after putting in his bit and says “I grind my teeth“.

4.) D-Fens – Michael Douglas – Falling Down


D-Fens is one of my flat out favorite characters of all time.

His tirade against the city shows us real problems that plague our country. We see these real problems through the eyes of a man who has completely lost his grip on calm. He becomes more and more violent over the course of his rampage.

He has a simple goal in mind, which is to reach his home so he can see his daughter on her birthday, and the things he does to reach that goal earn him his spot on the list of most volatile characters.

3.) Tommy DeVito – Joe Pesci – Goodfellas

tommy devito

Joe Pesci undoubtedly has the most drastic height to intimidation ratio out of anyone.

This character will you be your best friend one minute and threatening to kill you the next. You’re playing cards and then all of sudden he starts shooting people in the feet, and for no good reason, just for a laugh.

If his violent outbursts didn’t make him volatile enough, what earns him his place is the way he makes you uncertain of his allegiances. You don’t know whose side he’s on, whether he’s friends with these guys or whether he wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

2.) Don Logan – Ben Kingsley – Sexy Beast

 don logan

Ben Kingsley gives a terrific performance as Don Logan. This character turns from friendly to ferociously violent on a dime.

More than once over the course of the film his violent outbursts are sure to shock and surprise you as well as the other characters in the film. One minute he’s in your bathroom shaving, the next minute he’s broken into your bedroom while you’re asleep and is trying to break your legs.

He is impossible to get a grasp of, and he’s volatile as hell.

1.) Dr. Gonzo – Benicio Del Toro – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

dr. gonzo

Never has a character made me feel as uncomfortable as Dr. Gonzo has. He has such a frightening presence.

Benicio Del Toro gives such a scary good performance. This character is absolutely gonzo. He’s the kind of guy you would be afraid to be around. You almost fear for Raoul Duke’s safety.

Dr. Gonzo is a total wild card, you don’t know how far he’ll go or if he’s even aware of his actions. It is truly terrifying how volatile he is.

Now I’m sure there’s probably a character I forgot to mention or a movie I haven’t seen that would fit perfectly on this list so leave a comment telling what I might have forgotten.

Super Secret Undercover Scotty Dog

mr orange big and little scotty dogs

As most of our readers know, my son Sam is an aspiring movie writer/director and a HUGE movie fanatic. In fact, he writes most of the movie reviews on our blog. Quentin Tarantino is his all time favorite director so I decided to make Sam a set of Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir dogs

reservoir dogs mr yellow mr pink mr white mr orange

I think they turned out pretty cute. So, I made a few, slightly bigger ones, for sale.

mr orange

Mr. Orange, the Super Secret Undercover Scotty Dog loves Tarantino movies starring his favorite actor Tim Roth. He’s a handsome fellow with an engaging smile and luscious locks. This little dog can tell the truth from a lie in the blink of an eye, is always dressed to impress and will have your back in a zombie invasion.


mr orange big and little scotty dogs

This handsome puppy is completely handmade from recycled materials.


7 inches tall from the tips of his ears to his paws

9.25 inches long from nose to tail

10.25 inches around his middle

Love the look of Mr. Orange but want him in a different color? How about a different size? We can do that. Just send along an email to coordinate.

I love experimenting with fabric and coming up with new designs. Click here to visit the Green Carbon 2112 shop and see what other animals are looking for a good home.

Macabre Month of Horror 2013 #23 – Wolf Creek (2005)

wolf creek

wolf creekI had heard a lot of good things about Wolf Creek. I had heard that it was a very underrated film and that it was one of the best in recent memory. The case had quotes from both Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. “As real as horror gets” – Robert Rodriguez and “John Jarratt delivers a performance that is destined to go down as one of the great horror film heavies of the last 25 years.” – Quentin Tarantino. Two statements like that ensured that I would be seeing the movie. It actually took me a while to find a copy of it to review.

After the first few minutes my impression of the film got about as far as: these characters are cliché as hell and this shaky cam is really unnecessary. The movie is filled with really unnecessary shaky cam.

wolf creek girlWhile the characters are not very likable I will say that there is some very realistic dialogue and delivery at times that feels natural. There was some Judd Apatow style improvisation in Wolf Creek.

There is some talk of UFOs and other supernatural stuff, but it feels very out of place. The rest of the movie seems to be heavily grounded in reality and these moments are few and far between so I think it is concept that didn’t go anywhere. The script underwent a lot of re-writes so maybe the supernatural elements panned out better in the original script.

wolf creek itselfThroughout this whole lead up in Wolf Creek I was thoroughly unimpressed. Things started to get much more interesting once John Jarratt entered the scene. John Jarratt plays the antagonist, Mick. Tarantino was right. This guy’s performance and really Goddamn good. He’s the bad guy, but he’s so much fun to watch. You don’t really like his character, you don’t want him to win and kill these people but you can have a good time watching him. He tears up the screen and completely steals the show.

john jarrattNow unfortunately I found John Jarratt’s performance to be the only saving grace of this film. The only reason to watch this is the character of Mick. Yes the film is often criticized for being disgusting and depraved, and yes it’s gory but that doesn’t really bother me. The problem is that it also doesn’t intrigue me. The gore in this film will turn some viewers off and it is not a reason to watch this movie. It’s not THAT gory. Nor is the gore used very effectively. There is one incredibly strong performance and one very effective scene which is right about in the middle of the film. The film peaks early on and I did not find Wolf Creek a fulfilling experience.

Each of the 3 characters escape with relative ease and may or may not be recaptured later on. Due to this the movie is divided into sections. The audience follows one person until they meet their fate and then it jumps to the next person and we’re to believe that they were just sitting there doing nothing this entire time.

I’ve heard Quentin Tarantino say that Australian films are infatuated with car chases, that any movie made in Australia has a car chase somewhere in it no wolf creek carmatter how out of place, and that may very well be true since there is actually a car chase thrown into Wolf Creek.

The characters for the most behave realistically given their circumstances. They don’t do anything too irrational or make dumb cliché decisions aside from one exception. There is a part where two of the escaped girls get a truck and start to drive off. They end up pushing the truck off of a cliff to make Mick think they died. There is no reason why they couldn’t have just driven off in a different direction. that moment really took me out of the movie.

This is one of the movies that is “based on true events” but it really isn’t at all. It’s like the Strangers. Wolf Creek was written as a slasher film and then the writer heard about some backpack murders and incorporated it. If anything Wolf Creek is based off of two separate killers and doesn’t really relate that much to either. The movie also doesn’t do a very good job on convincing you that it is true. SPOILER ALERT the two women die and only the guy gets away. Now the thing is, is that these people were drugged and when they woke up they were in separate locations. The girls find each other and both die, but the guy is in a completely different isolated place and he never sees them or finds their bodies. This means that even if it was a true story and this one guy did get away, everything after they get drugged I.E. most of the movie, would still have to be completely fabricated because the movie also states that the killer and the bodies of the girls were never found, so nothing outside of what the guy goes through (which isn’t very much) would be 100% made up for the film.

Wolf Creek had some good moments, but overall I didn’t find it to be a worthwhile endeavor.

If you want to see for yourself you can get it on Blu-ray by clicking right HERE and keep checking back all October long for a new review everyday with this year’s Macabre Month of Horror.

Macabre Month of Horror 2013 movie review #7 ‘The Host’

The Host

The HostThe Host” was named one of Quentin Tarantino‘s top twenty films since 1992. If that alone doesn’t make you want to watch it, then I’m not sure there’s much I can say to convince you otherwise. But I’ll try.

There are a lot of films titled “The Host” but the only one worth watching is the Korean one.

“The Host” was made in South Korea in 2006 and there is currently a sequel in the works.

“The Host” is about a giant fish-like monster that rampages through South Korea. It might sound like your typical monster movie, but what you end up getting is a surprisingly deep and emotional movie that just happens to feature an awesome monster destroying sh*t.

The monster itself was created by those silly Americans, who poured pretty much all the formaldehyde in the world down the drain and mutated a fish into a terrifying monster. This is actually based on a real event in which an American on a US military base dumped a lot of formaldehyde into a sewer that connected to the Han river in Seoul South Korea.

the hostThe monster is CG, which does not usually turn out well, but it was done exceedingly well in “The Host”. The way the characters and environments interact with the monster is very impressive, and you can really believe that it’s actually there in the movie world. The destruction on screen is a blast to watch. If this was the extent of the movie’s depth it would be a fun popcorn movie, but that is just the surface, the movie actually has some really deep characters as well as a profound statement on politics and panic in the public. The monster leads to a containment befitting any class act apocalyptic movie, and the main characters become renegades trying to recover a member of their family that was taken by the monster.

I’m getting tired of referring to the monster as “The monster” I’m going to start referring to it by the same nickname used by the Director and creature designer for the monster. Steve Buscemi. fargoYes. The monster was nicknamed Steve Buscemi. Reportedly because the monster was inspired by the way Steve Buscemi acted in Fargo? Steve Buscemi is one of my favorite actors and Fargo is a fantastic movie, but I don’t really see the connection.

“The Host” did very well for itself at the box office. In fact it became the highest grossing South Korean film of all time. Supposedly over 20% of the Korean population went to see the movie. It went on to featured in other countries and I’m sure Tarantino’s recommendation gained it an entire new group of fans. Hopefully anyone reading my review will go out and watch this movie, because it really is worth it.

I don’t want to go into too much detail regarding the plot because I think it’ll be a better and more surprising experience if you go into it not knowing much. All you need to know is that it’s a clever drama with a strong social commentary wrapped up in an awesome monster movie.

the hostYou can get the host on Blu-Ray right by clicking right “HERE” and keep checking back all October long for a new horror review everyday with this year’s Macabre Month of Horror.

Jumping Off Point Review for Django Unchained

django unchained
English: Director Quentin Tarantino at the pre...
English: Director Quentin Tarantino at the premiere of Grindhouse, Austin, Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s no secret that we here at Green Carbon 2112 are HUGE fans of Quentin Tarantino. We can only wish, hope and pray that Sam will get to work with him some day. (Sorry, that’s my inner Dr. Seuss poking out.)

Sam did a really in-depth written movie review of Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” when it was out in theaters. Click Here to read the full review.

Not only does Sam write reviews for our site, Furious Cinema, and The Grindhouse Database but he also sits down with different members of The Newfound Film Making Club for live “Jumping Off Point” reviews.

Where does the “Jumping Off Point” show get its name? Well, these guys start talking about one movie, then springboard off a character to other roles the actor has played, on to different movies, to who knows what else and back again to their main topic of discussion. Sometimes they know what they’re talking about, other times, they have no clue. But, all in all, it’s a good time had by all. You’ll laugh and might even learn a few things in the process.

The review below is for Tarantino’s “Django Unchained“. Emmett takes issue with the use of the “N” word but has no problem saying M***er F***er repeatedly.

WARNING: Emmett uses profanity. If our viewers haven’t noticed by now, Sam never swears.

De-Jango Unspoken (Fake grindhouse trailer)

Newfound Film Making Club is located in the Newfound Region of NH

Members of the Newfound Film Making Club recently made a couple of fake grindhouse style trailers to play during a double feature film event. The club was founded by Green Carbon 2112’s own Sam and “advised” by Amy Lyn.

Here is one of the trailers “De-Jango Unspoken” a parody of the Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained.