The 13 Best Movies of 2015 That Weren’t Acknowledged by the Oscars

The Academy Award is one of the most prestigious prizes in the filmmaking world but it is not the end all be all of quality. Every year there are dozens of great movies that go by without recognition from the Academy, either because they don’t fit the Academy’s ideal for what is quality or because they are just missed for some reason or another.

This list will briefly go over 13 movies that are worth watching that weren’t given as much award attention. These are all movies that I would highly recommend that did not receive a nomination in any category.

#13)  Legend
Legend was a fun gangster movie that had a few shortcomings but was elevated 10 fold by jaw droppingly good dual performances from Tom Hardy playing real life British Gangster twins, the Krays. Tom Hardy could have easily been nominated for both best lead actor and best supporting actor at the Oscars for this film instead of just supporting actor for The Revenant.



#12) While We’re Young


While We’re Young is one of two efforts this year from indie director Noah Baumbach. It is a small scale dramedy that works equally well as a biting social commentary on aging, truth, hipster culture, friendship, and more, and as a very funny comedy. It does suffer from some third act problems where the plot gets a little too lofty for its good which is what keeps this movie from being higher on the list.

#11) People, Places, Things


People, Places, Things is a very small indie drama that has a good helping of comedy to help it along its way. The drama is very strong, particularly regarding the work done by the lead character as a cartoonist which lead to some genuinely touching and emotional moments. The comedy is less frequent than the drama but is strong when it does show up. The film is helmed by the excellent Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame, and has a solid supporting cast as well. The kind of indie movie that knows it won’t be super famous or gross a ton of money and doesn’t care, it just wants to tell its story well.

#10) Call Me Lucky


A documentary by Bobcat Goldthwait, Call Me Lucky functions as a biopic on Barry Crimmins, a stand up comedian with a tragic past. The less that is known about this story before watching the better. A great documentary that is both funny and tragically sad.

#9) The End of the Tour


The End of the Tour has an Oscar worthy performance from Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace, but it isn’t at all surprising that he wasn’t even nominated. The only slight against this movie is that it becomes a little bit visually repetitive, since the entire film is mostly just two dudes having a conversation, and there is a lot of horrendous product placement, otherwise The End of the Tour is a great drama with some comedy sprinkled throughout.

#8) It Follows


It Follows was the best straight up horror film of the year. An 80’s throwback in style but fresh in it’s ideas. Well written, well cast, and well directed. An all around great horror movie.

#7) Kingsman: The Secret Service


Kingsman got plenty of buzz but no recognition at the oscars, which isn’t surprising at all, it’s not the type of movie the Academy goes for, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good by any means. Kingsman is a blast, a possible contender for most straight up fun movie of the year. Collin Firth, Mark Strong, and Samuel L. Jackson are all great and there is a real star turning role for Taron Edgerton. The Church scene will likely go down as one of the most memorable actions sequence of the decade.

#6) Beasts of No Nation


The Netflix made film about the horrors of child soldiering is very well put together. It avoids the melodrama and preachyness that it could have easily had. Idris Elba and Abraham Attah both deserved Oscar nominations for their performances in Beasts of No Nation.

#5) What We Do in the Shadows


The second appearance by Jemaine Clement and this time he’s also in the writer and director chair as well as acting it it. What We Do in the Shadows is a hilarious movie that puts vampires into extremely mundane contemporary situations. Great comedy.

#4) Bone Tomahawk


This one I’ve already reviewed: Review on youtube

It’s a brutal western with great characterization that mixes horror into the traditional western action elements.

#3) The Lobster


The Lobster is a film by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, the man behind Dogtooth and The Alps. It’s wonderfully bizarre and critical of society while also being very funny and dark at the same time. It switches between disturbing drama and whimsical weirdom with ease.

#2) Réalité


Réalité is the latest film from French filmmaker Quentin Dupieux. It is crazy and surreal. The plot is hard to explain and even to understand which is all intentional. Another film that it’s better to know nothing about going in, I loved every second of it.

#1) Mistress America


Mistress America was the other film from Noah Baumbach in 2015. In the vain of his earlier film Frances Ha, Mistress America is a study of friendship, but through a much different lens. The film feels very authentic and the emotion is palpable. The film is also hilarious and features fantastic performances particularly from the two leads found in Lola Kirke and Greta Gerwig. One of the best movies of the year, and criminally underseen.

Top 5 Most Volatile Movie Characters

Sticking with my trend of top ten lists that haven’t been done before, here is my list of the top 5 most volatile characters of all time.



You can watch this list in video form right here:

These are the characters who are just completely unstable. The kind of characters that make you nervous whenever they’re in the room. You don’t know what they’ll do or when they’ll do it, they could snap at any moment and kill everyone.

So without further ado here my list of the top 5 most volatile characters ever put on screen.

5.) Ritchie Gecko – Quentin Tarantino – From Dusk Till Dawn

ritchie gecko

Quentin Tarantino is a writer/director primarily, but he is also capable of giving a really damn good performance.

He plays Ritchie Gecko who I think is one of the most interesting characters ever written. He is mentally unstable and it’s hard to tell where he draws the line. He’s a sex offender and a murderer and what makes him all the more volatile, is the way he acts about his actions. He has an almost innocent sense about what he does, as if he doesn’t know the things he does are wrong, or perhaps that he somehow validates his actions to himself.

One single line really gives you a sense of his mental state and that is when he turns to the Juliet Lewis after putting in his bit and says “I grind my teeth“.

4.) D-Fens – Michael Douglas – Falling Down


D-Fens is one of my flat out favorite characters of all time.

His tirade against the city shows us real problems that plague our country. We see these real problems through the eyes of a man who has completely lost his grip on calm. He becomes more and more violent over the course of his rampage.

He has a simple goal in mind, which is to reach his home so he can see his daughter on her birthday, and the things he does to reach that goal earn him his spot on the list of most volatile characters.

3.) Tommy DeVito – Joe Pesci – Goodfellas

tommy devito

Joe Pesci undoubtedly has the most drastic height to intimidation ratio out of anyone.

This character will you be your best friend one minute and threatening to kill you the next. You’re playing cards and then all of sudden he starts shooting people in the feet, and for no good reason, just for a laugh.

If his violent outbursts didn’t make him volatile enough, what earns him his place is the way he makes you uncertain of his allegiances. You don’t know whose side he’s on, whether he’s friends with these guys or whether he wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

2.) Don Logan – Ben Kingsley – Sexy Beast

 don logan

Ben Kingsley gives a terrific performance as Don Logan. This character turns from friendly to ferociously violent on a dime.

More than once over the course of the film his violent outbursts are sure to shock and surprise you as well as the other characters in the film. One minute he’s in your bathroom shaving, the next minute he’s broken into your bedroom while you’re asleep and is trying to break your legs.

He is impossible to get a grasp of, and he’s volatile as hell.

1.) Dr. Gonzo – Benicio Del Toro – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

dr. gonzo

Never has a character made me feel as uncomfortable as Dr. Gonzo has. He has such a frightening presence.

Benicio Del Toro gives such a scary good performance. This character is absolutely gonzo. He’s the kind of guy you would be afraid to be around. You almost fear for Raoul Duke’s safety.

Dr. Gonzo is a total wild card, you don’t know how far he’ll go or if he’s even aware of his actions. It is truly terrifying how volatile he is.

Now I’m sure there’s probably a character I forgot to mention or a movie I haven’t seen that would fit perfectly on this list so leave a comment telling what I might have forgotten.

My Top 10 Directors of 2013

Green Carbon 2112

Since I last compiled my favorite film directors, my taste has changed significantly. So much so that I feel the need to create a new list. I’ve learned of different directors, and saw more films that have carved out my Top 10 Favorite Directors


david fincher

He has a perfectly dark tone that often inspires me and he has bred many all time classics including “Se7en” and “Fight Club”


kevin smith

Kevin Smith has made some of the greatest comedies ever. Some of his films are almost universally hated but I can always find enjoyment in them. Out of nowhere he whipped out “Red State” and shocked everybody by defying what audiences expected from him and at the same time delivering an excellent film. Kevin Smith goes beyond his directorial duty and appears in numerous other TV and film related venues. He tours doing Q and A and stand up routines and provides a lot of content.


alfred hitchcock

A true master. He was dubbed the master of suspense and for a good reason. Some of my favorite films by him a “Psycho” “Rear Window” and a new favorite “Rope”.

7. Terry Gilliam

terry gilliam

This former Monty Python member turned out to be a brilliant director, creating some of the most creative and wondrous films ever made. His films cover many genres but always give a fun feeling. He’s not so much concerned with giving a deep emotional experience as he is with giving a fun time with a movie, and sometimes that’s all you need.


edgar wright

Edgar Wright brings us the Simon Pegg Nick Frost collaborations, and he brings a fantastic directing style that adds an entire level to the film. He has carved out his own style and has mastered it. If any other director had tried to do the films he has made, they just wouldn’t be the same. I’m hyped for At World’s End.


Robert Rodriguez image

“Sin City”, “Desperado”. “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “Machete” some of my favorite films are by this man. Robert Rodriguez makes great action movies and his collaborations with Quentin Tarantino cement his place in my list.


coen brothers

The Coen brothers work perfectly as a filmmaking team to continually deliver classics and films that will become classics. “Fargo”, “The Big Lebowski”, and although “No Country for Old Men” might not quite be old enough to be a classic at this point, but it will be. They have a very particular style of direction and their own unique sense of humor that many people don’t understand. They have a very broad filmography with films ranging from comedy to drama to western. They can do it all.


martin mcdonaugh

He’s only made 2 feature films thus far but I love both of them immensely. I can’t wait for his next film to come out. I dig his sense of humor and like the way he blends it with violence. He reminds me of Quentin Tarantino in the sense that they both have constructed their own style and know how to perfectly pull it off with great dialogue based comedy and stylish violence.


darren aronofsky

With the exception of the Fountain I think that every one of Aronofsky’s films are Goddamn masterpieces. I love his style and tone and my latest short film was heavily inspired by the tone of his first film “Pi”. His films are deeper and more personal than the films of most, and he is a true master and innovator of his craft. bonus points for having Clint Mansell, one of the greatest composers alive today do the music for his films.


quentin tarantino

You can’t dethrone the king of cinema. Tarantino can do it all. He can master any genre while at the same time putting his own unique style into it. He is both a brilliant He is my favorite writer director and I also think that he is the best writer director who ever lived. Nobody writes dialogue lie Quentin Tarantino. I love every single one of his films and I look forward to more films from him in the future.


If you were sad to not see your favorite director make the list, then check below to see if it was a director that I heavily considered.

Judd Apatow

John Woo

Chan-wook Park

Guy Ritchie

Takashi Miike

George A. Romero

Martin Scorsese

Alfonso Cuaron

Michael Mann

Ridley Scott

David Lynch

Top 3 movie strangulations

no country for old men strangling

I wanted do a top list that I’m pretty sure has never been done before. This is the top 3 best strangulations  wait that doesn’t sound right. Top 3 coolest- no. Top 3 most memorable and best executed strangulation scenes in films. Quick addendum before we get the list started. We have an honorable mention for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Nurse Ratched gets strangled. You really want to see her die. The movie gets close to killing her off near the end. When Jack Nicholson starts choking the life out of her it is so gratifying. Your rage as audience uses R.P. McMurphy as a catalyst as and explodes onto the screen. Unfortunately he gets pulled off before the job is finished but damn was it satisfying while it lasted. It doesn’t make the list because she didn’t die. Another honorable mention to the creative and intense bike lock strangulation from Breaking Bad, but this is Movie strangulations only, no TV.

god bless america

3. God Bless America- Long Shot

Bobcat Goldthwait’s American Masterpiece features a number of impressive long shots, one of which happens to be a strangulation of a pedophile in a motel room.

no country for old men strangling

2. No Country For Old Men- Setting the Bar

The Coen brothers wanted to front load their violent film, with the most violent scene in the entire film. Javier Bardem’s facial expression really sells the scene, and makes seem all the more brutal.

1. Inglorious Basterds- The Dark Side of Hans Landa

Christoph Waltz and Quentin Tarantino bring the most intense, violent, and memorable strangulation scene (That I can think of in 10 minutes) in film history. Christoph Waltz sells this scene. He turns red and looks like he’s about to pop a blood vessel in his eye. What makes this scene even more effective is that fact that for the rest of the movie leading up to this moment, Landa was not a violent person. At least not with physical actions. He has a very threatening and commanding presence, but he’s always calm and calculative until this moment, and that is what makes this the greatest movie strangulation.

Top 5 films of 2012

the cabin in the woods

2012 was a pretty good year for film. There were a lot of supposedly great films that came out this year that I was unable to see. I’ve heard great things about Lincoln, Prometheus, Perks of Being a wallflower, Moonrise Kingdom, Sinister and The MasterZero Dark 30 is another film that has really good things being said about it, but I have not seen it yet. 

Before the list, there is one movie that I feel compelled to give a shout-out to; The Raid Redemption. I could not find a subtitled version of this film. I didn’t understand a word that was said, but the action blew me away. I honestly think that this film would have made the list, if I knew what they were saying. I’ll try to watch a subtitled version of this at some point and get back to it.

The Dark Knight Rises

#5. The Dark Knight Rises

My favorite entry in Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy. Click Here to read my full review of the film

the cabin in the woods

#4. Cabin in the Woods

One of the best, most original, and most fun horror movies in a long time. Great tribute to classic horror films while taking ideas in a new direction. Click Here to read my full review of the film

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall

#3. Skyfall

My personal favorite James Bond film. Craig might not be the best Bond, but he made the best movie.

To read my full review of the film Click Here.

seven psychopaths

#2. Seven Psychopaths

I just watched this movie, and it is part of the reason why this list is coming so late. I figured this would be somewhere on it,

and I didn’t want to do it an injustice.

django poster

#1. Django Unchained

Me being the Tarantino fan that I am, could not bear to have this film at any spot other than #1.

Really fantastic film, completely deserving of the title of best movie of the year.

Click Here to read my full review of the film.


Top Ten Directors-Honorable Mentions ~ by Sam

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danny Boyle: 28 Day’s Later is one of the best zombie movies of all time, and “127 Hours” has one of the best performances I have ever seen, in a movie.

Amy Lyn says that “28 Day’s Later” is the movie that changed her opinion of the zombie movie genre and she’s now a fan.

Peter Jackson promoting the 2009 film District...

Peter Jackson: “Dead Alive” is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I think that “Lord of the Rings” is over rated, and I don’t care for “King Kong”.

Amy Lyn agrees with Sam that Peter Jackson should be on the list but says that “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy totally deserves all the hype and praise it gets. From the perfect casting to the last costume, it was a thrilling adventure, an emotional roller coaster, a fantastic retelling of a cherished classic. As far as “Dead Alive”, she spent the majority of the movie peaking through her fingers and trying not to throw up in the aisle. She still gets a bit queasy thinking about the ear in the soup. BLECK! Not one of her favorites,to be sure, but it definitely got the reaction Jackson was going for.

James Cameron at a ceremony to receive a star ...James Cameron: “Terminator 2: Rise of the Machines” is one of my favorite movies and I think that “True Lies” is the best Schwarzenegger movie, but I can’t forgive him for “Titanic” and “Avatar” two of the most over rated bad movies of all time.

Amy Lyn is a big fan of the Terminator, T2 and Aliens. But she disagrees with Sam’s assessment of “Titanic“. Although she’s not a fan of chick flicks or overly romanticized horrifying events, this was truly an epic film. She did like “Avatar” but agrees that it really was over rated and didn’t live up to the hype.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 10 de marzo de 2008. Bri...
Brian De Palma

Brian De Palma“Scarface” is another one of my favorite movies, and he has a number of other good movies as well,  De Palma  just barely misses the list.

Amy Lyn believes after Sam watches “The Untouchables”, “Body Double”, and “The Black Dahlia” De Palma will be moved onto his top directors list, especially if she can find a copy of Raising Cain with the  extremely creepy John Lithgow.

Christopher Nolan at Santa Barbara Internation...

Christopher Nolan: The “Dark Knight” is the best batman movie to date, even though I do think it is a little over-rated. But “Inception” I do not like. I think this is one of the most over rated movies of all time right behind Avatar.But,  I think I need to watch “Inception” again, seeing as how pretty much everybody thinks that it is one of the best movies ever made. “The Prestige” on the other hand I think is extremely under rated, and is very similar in style tone and focus as the movie “The Illusionist” another great movie

Amy Lyn totally agrees with Sam on this one. “Inception” was ok but not as mind-blowing as she had been told. Maybe watching it through again will give her a different perception, but she’s not holding her breath.

Michael Mann at a "master-class" at ...
Michael Mann

Michael Mann: Michael Mann might have made my top ten just for “Heat” which is a great action. I did not like “Public Enemies” and was disappointed by that movie.

Amy Lyn disagrees that “Public Enemies”was disappointing. The movie was not as fast paced and action packed that most of this genres movies are. But, she liked Michael Mann’s telling of John Dillinger’s story which showed a different side to the gangster never seen before. As always, Johnny Depp is flawless in his performance.

Sam’s Insight-Top 10 Underrated Actors

I think an underrated actor is one who is a really good actor but doesn’t get enough recognition for their work.  Someone that people might not know come to mind when they think of good actors.

I don’t think you can judge a good actor from one role.  That might just be how they are in real life and not really acting.  You need to see them in a few roles to see if they can really act.  Sometimes they are cast as the same type of character but at least they need to show the emotional range they are supposed to portray and be convincing.

Well known actors are overused and put in a lot of unnecessary roles to sell the box office when  a better, lesser known actor could have been used and done a better job.  It’s hard for some one who’s not already established to have a chance at a role because studios choose who they think is a “bankable” actor rather than giving someone new a chance.  A lot of times even if the new actor is amazing in the role they are overshadowed by a big box office celebrity and their work and movie go unnoticed.

Overrated actors are going to continue getting more and more overused and overrated.  Some actors that are in a lot of stuff should be, like Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp.  But, other actors who are in way too many movies are just horrible like Angelina JolieBrad Pitt is a great example of an actor that’s good in about 25% of his movies and the rest he just doesn’t try or he’s just not good.

For my list of Top 10 Underrated actors click the the Movie tab above or just click here.

#10 Underrated Actor Bruce Campbell~by Sam

I’ve decided to move our movie content from our Green Carbon Creations blog to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds, New England living and Etsy items there and the movie, gaming and well, more entertainment related posts here. So the next few posts about Sam’s Underrated Actors list will be a bit out of order.

Bruce Campbell

“There is a large element of me in every role I do. Actors who say they can dive inside a character are either schizophrenic or lying.” Bruce Campbell

Click here to see Artwork & Fashions Inspired by Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell as Ashley "Ash" J. Williams in Evil Dead 2Click Here to find out why Bruce Campbell is in the #10 spot

Bruce Campbell would be higher on the list but he has a pretty substantial cult following.  Probably his most widely known role is as Sam Axe in the TV series Burn Notice, but his fan favorite role is as Ash from the Evil Dead Series. Bruce co-produced all three Evil Dead movies with his childhood friend Sam Raimi.  The first Evil Dead film was the best-selling video of 1983 in England.

Bruce Campbell does a lot of B-movies and independent films.  Because of his semi-large cult following he has a lot of small parts and cameos.  An example of one is in From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. The movie starts out with two people in an elevator and the elevator suddenly stops.  Bruce Campbell’s character opens the emergency hatch and a body falls down that’s been eaten by the bats.  But he doesn’t see the bats, he climbs through the hatch and the bats attack him and he falls back into the elevator dead.  That’s it for him in the movie.

My Name is Bruce

After that scene ends, the camera backs away and you find out it was actually a different character watching TV and the guy watching the movie is Robert Patrick, the actor who played T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day who just barely missed being on this list.

Bruce Campbell has also written a few books:  If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way

Click here to see my Complete Top Ten List of Underrated Actors

#9 Underrate Actor Tom Savini~by Sam

I’ve decided to move our movie content from our Green Carbon Creations blog to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds, New England living and Etsy items there and the movie, gaming and well, more entertainment related posts here. So the next few posts about Sam’s Underrated Actors list will be a bit out of order.

Click here to see our Tom Savini inspired artwork and fashions

Savini as Blades in "Dawn of the Dead"

Continuing down my list of the Top Ten Underrated Actors is Tom Savini.  (Click the link to see the complete list.)  He’d be higher on the list if not for his substantial cult following, just like Bruce Campbell.

Tom Savini is an actor, director, stuntman and the most amazing SFX wizard of the splatter movie genre.  He also did a tour of duty as a combat cameraman in Vietnam and later simulated the actual carnage he saw in war on the big screen.  He was supposed to do the special effects and  make-up George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” when he was drafted.

Savini as Sex Machine

He appears in quite a lot of stuff but usually his roles are as brief as a cameo to under a scene or two.  There are a few movies that he has larger roles in and gets more screen time like Dawn of the Dead as Blades, Deputy Tolo in Grindhouse Presents, Planet Terror and as Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn.

Tom Savini as Deputy Tolo  in Planet Terror

He has many small roles that people put him in because of his cult following and because he’s a very cool guy to work with.   A lot of the films he does the special effects and makeup for he makes cameos in.

In the original “Dawn of the Dead” survivors are watching TV and there’s a sheriff on the news and he’s talking into the camera when he says that he rounded up a bunch of people to help go kill the zombies.  He’s telling people to shoot the zombies in the head twice (the double tap rule) and says you need to burn the bodies after you kill them.  In the remake of Dawn of the Dead , again they are watching TV and the sheriff is explaining about killing zombies but this time the sheriff is played by Tom Savini.  I think it’s a cool tribute to the original even if it’s only brief.

Savini as a zombified Blades

Savini’s character Blades in the original “Dawn of the Dead” is shot by Peter and he falls over the railing into the mall’s water fountain.  In George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead a zombified Blades comes back for about 3-seconds and it’s the coolest 3-seconds of the movie.  According to Tom Savini there was a time different between “Dawn of the Dead” and “Land of the Dead” and his character has been walking around as a zombie for a year and a half.

If you love the special effects makeup created by Tom Savini and want to try and recreate them yourself check out his books:  Grande Illusions: A Learn-By-Example Guide to the Art and Technique of Special Make-Up Effects from the Films of Tom Savini and Tom Savini: Horror Effects.

Tom Savini is just a very cool guy all around.  He’s an amazing artist and although his acting scenes are usually short, they are truly unforgettable.  He should definitely have more screen time, and that is why Tom Savini is #9 on my list of Top Ten Underrated Actors.

Paul Giamatti~Underrated Actor #8

I’ve decided to move our movie content from our Green Carbon Creations blog to keep the focus on the craft how to instructions, frugal finds and Etsy items there and the movie, gaming and well, everything else here. So the next few posts about Sam’s Underrated Actors list will be a bit out of order.

 Sideways (Widescreen Edition)

While I was waiting on Sam to write his Paul Giamatti post I decided to throw my two cents in.

I have to say if I had seen him in Sideways or The Illusionist before his turn as a major jerk in Big Fat Liar and then as the gigantic a%hole Hertz in Shoot ‘Em Up I wouldn’t have thought “uggh, I can’t stand that guy” every time I heard his name associated with a movie.  But, he really has quite a range and is completely believable as either the lovable loser or the guy you love to hate.

The Illusionist (Full Screen Edition)When I was doing some research on IMDB and found out that both he and Edward Norton (#7 on Sam’s Underrate Actor list) were in the Illusionist I just had to rent it for us.  Overall it is a good film, I liked the story line although it was rather predictable.  Paul Giamatti was wonderful.  His character was torn between his sympathy and appreciation for the magician and trying to get ahead politically.  Giamatti’s performance is so rich, you can see the conflict in his character yet he’s so subtle about it.  I found him very enjoyable to watch and wanting to watch all of his work.  I’ll be taking out the John Adams series from my library soon.

We can touch more on Edward Norton’s impecible performance in another post.  Regarding Jessica Biel’s performance in this movie I agree with Variety  that she “is entirely stunning enough to fight to the death over”, but the fewer words spoken by her the better.  She was completely boring and her accent horrible, she should get her money back from her dialect coach.

Paul Giamatti has played the supporting actor in several movies but always makes his mark.  No matter the role, he is truly unforgettable. I’m very excited to see he has two new movies out soon Win Win which is the official selection of the Sundance 2011 Film Festival and Ironclad.  The characters he plays in these two films seem to be polar opposites.

He also has seven movies in production including Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She-Vampires which is the prequel to Bubba Ho-Tep where Elvis is shooting a film in Louisiana and gets into trouble with a bunch of she-vampires. I wonder if Bruce Campbell (#10 on Sam’s Underrate Actors list) will make a cameo.

Fun fact about Paul Giamatti:  
In the 1998 remake of Doctor Dolittle (1998), Paul portrayed a human in charge of a talking orangutan, in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes (2001), he portrays a talking orangutan in charge of humans.