Christmas Week Movie Review #3: The Year Without a Santa Claus

freeze miser and heat miser the year without a santa claus

the year without santa claus stop motion animation christmas movieOur friends from Brickwall Pictures, chose to review Rankin/Bass produced stop motion Christmas movies for their 2016 Brickwall Pictures Christmas special.

At the North Pole, the Christmas rush is on. Everyone from elves to the reindeer are merrily preparing for Santa Claus’s yearly visit. Everyone except Santa! Feeling forgotten by the children of the world, old St. Nick decides to skip his gift-giving journey and take a vacation. Eager to help, Mrs. Claus and two spunky little elves set out to see to where all the seasonal cheer has disappeared to. Aided by a magical snowfall, they reawaken the spirit of Christmas in children’s hearts and put Santa back in action.

This movie is by far Green Carbon 2112’s favorite Christmas movie. Who among us does not know all the words to the Heat Miser / Freeze Miser song or at least sing the tune right but with the wrong words?

Please keep in mind video reviews contain language and content from the films and reviewers that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Day #3: The Year Without a Santa Claus

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