(First Person Action) Witness to a Cloning Conspiracy

POV clone title cardIn the sleepy little town of Danbury, New Hampshire a lone hiker stumbles upon a secret human cloning experiment. First he tries to avoid conflict, but the lone clone he discovered strikes first and then our protagonist goes into defense mode. The clones chase him to an abandoned farmhouse where he must fight off several clones until the final confrontation with the original.

Warning: Video does include some strong language

This is the latest short video from Sam Kench of Brickwall Pictures. Click Here to visit his Youtube channel and watch more of his original short videos and movie reviews. The video stars Sam Kench and Emmett Morrell.

Some Behind the Scenes Information

This short video was shot in wooded areas of Bristol and Danbury, NH.

It was shot in one day with no script. All the dialogue between Sam and Emmett was improvised.

It was filmed entirely on a Go-Pro.

The “abandoned” farm house was the same one where “Til Death” was shot. Click here to watch that short film.

This trailer for Til Death was filmed in one shot


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