Now available online – Til Death – Sam Kench’s latest short film

On Friday, October 31, 2014 Sam Kench released his latest independent short film on Youtube. Til Death” follows the mentally unstable Mrs. Crowley as she plots to murder her husband but the unforeseen guilt that chokes her mind drives her to her breaking point. 

The movie stars Danbury, NH residents, Cathy Nolan Vinčević and her husband Seval Vinčević , and was filmed in various locations around New Hampshire. The natural beauty of the area plays a sharp contrast to the hauntingly dark nature of the film. This frightening psychological thriller/horror short film was written and directed by local film maker, Sam Kench.

“Til Death” premiered at The Purple Pit Coffee Lounge in Bristol, NH on October 17, 2014. The movie was shown again during the opening night reception of Sam’s art show at The Gordon-Nash Library in New Hampton, NH.  Following each showing the director and actors held lively Q & A session with audience members who asked questions about special effects, motivation, and how different shots were done. Most viewers said they would never look at Cathy (who is the director of the Gordon-Nash Library), the same way again.

So, what’s up next from the creative mind of Sam Kench? He’s working on writing and filming a project called “Tales from the Wasteland”. It’s a feature length film, set in post apocalyptic New Hampshire, comprised of a series of vignettes. If you’d like to be involved and help give this project wings, follow this link to support the Indiegogo campaign.

Watch “Til Death”


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