Macabre Month of Horror: Movie Review #8 “Vacancy”

vacancy posterWelcome to the 8th day of our Fourth Annual Macabre Month of Horror. Today’s review is on the movie “Vacancy

“Vacancy” draws influence from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho“.Both involve a motel run by a crazy killer who preys on his guests. They really shot for the Hitchcock feel with this movie. There is a cool opening credit sequence that looks and sounds like something out of an old Hitchcock thriller. The pacing and even the tone are similar to Hitchcock films. Vacancy is darker and, visually, is more modern, but it’s a nice little send off to Hitchcock. Other little references, like stuffed birds on the motel desk are a nice touch.

Please keep in mind these are Horror Movies and the video reviews contain content from the films that may not be appropriate for younger viewers, or those with a weak constitution for that matter.

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Macabre Month of Horror: Movie Review #8 “Vacancy”


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