HaulinASSassin is nominated for four New Hampshire 48 Hour Film Project awards

By Sam Kench

haulinASSasins a Wicked Sick Film!The 48 Hour film project is a very interesting idea. The time restrictions make filming a short more of a challenge while the required characters, dialogue, genre, line and prop, require a great deal of creativity to be implemented effectively. Sometimes, the 48 Hour Film Project results in lackluster or mediocre shorts, but thankfully HaulinASSassin manages to avoid the common pitfalls many teams fall prey to with their 48 Hour Film Project entrees.

HaulinASSassin has a good sense of humor that is worked into the story throughout. Some will find it funnier than others, to be sure, but most viewers will likely get at least a chuckle or two. The cinematography is simple but effective.  The style is clean and crisp really giving it that film noir look. Overall the short, aside from one somewhat distracting transition, has a nice flow. The requirements for the 48 Hour film rules are worked smoothly into the film without any of them feeling forced.

The pieces the team was required to include were;

  • Genre: Film Noir
  • Characters: Alan (long distance runner) and Alexis Fleming
  • Line: “In my opinion, it’s perfect.”
  • Prop: An award

This short film was written and directed by Mike Place of Wicked Sick Films and is up for four awards; Best Special Effects, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Writing, and Best Directing. The best films of 2014 New Hampshire 48-Hour Film Project (NH48HFP) will screen on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at Cinemagic & IMAX in Hooksett, NH. The event will start at 7:00 p.m. showing the top 17 films from this year’s competition.

HaulinASSassin is a fun little short with a great ending. Certainly worth the 8 minutes it takes to watch. Click Here  to watch it on Vimeo.


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