Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street

By Sam Kench

The Wolf of Wall Street” is the latest film to come from master director Martin Scorsese. One of the best American film makers of all time, Scorsese (Fun fact: is on a list of only 50 people banned from Tibet) has delivered some of the best movies ever made, including classics such as “Taxi Driver“, “Raging Bull“, and “Goodfellas“. “The Wolf of Wall Street” looks poised to join the ranks of his classic work in time.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” works as a biopic to tell the story to Jordan Belfort, a drug addled stock broker who works outside of the law. The film relishes in showing his exploits and drug induced mayhem with his team of equally deplorable stock market workers.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” was nominated for 5 Oscars including best actor (for Leonardo Dicaprio) best director, and best picture. Leonardo Dicaprio turns in a fantastic performance with his portrayal of real life ex-fraudster/drug/sex addict Jordan Belfort. Though many scenes in the movie are exaggerated or improvised for the sake of comedic excess, the real Jordan Belfort says that the film accurately portrays the crazed debauchery of his life during the time.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” has been called an epic of excess. An overabundant use of profanity and explicit graphic material and drug use gave this film an element of controversy. Some people find the unabashed blatant depiction of drug use and sexual material to be offensive, but the Wolf of Wall Street wears its offensive elements as a badge of honor. Nothing is held back and everything is put out on display for the audience to interpret it however they wish.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” takes pride in how graphic it is because it reflects the nature of the characters in the film. “The Wolf of Wall Street” has broken the world record for the most “F” words in a movie, a title that has previously been held by other Scorsese films such as “Casino” and “Goodfellas”.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is a very long movie clocking in at exactly 3 hours, and the rate of profanity averages out to 3 “F” words per minute. If you are someone who cannot handle strong language or graphic depictions of what many would consider to be profane material, then this movie is not for you.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is hysterically funny. Though it is not a comedy first and foremost, often putting thematic and dramatic elements first, the film manages to be consistently funny throughout. The film sets a very fast pace from the beginning and hardly ever slows down. There was a lot of improv done by the actors as well which contributes heavily to the comedy. The film manages to tell a very good story while being incredibly funny. The film mixes the two genres by having a fully dramatic scene where a character is left by the wife balanced out a scene with Leonardo Dicaprio under the influence of Quaaludes crawling and rolling around on the ground for 15 minutes.

This film is truly hilarious at times, one of the funniest movies of the year, more so than a lot of straight up comedies, and what’s more impressive is that it remains dramatically competent at the same time.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is a great film, the only complaint I have is that there were some digital effects that really took me out of the movie for a moment. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is full of genuinely funny moments, original set pieces, strong dramatic elements, and great performances. I highly recommend it to anyone who won’t be turned off by the graphic nature of the film. “The Wolf of Wall Street” will surely be remembered as a classic.


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