Filming at the Altered Bee in Bristol

By Sam Kench

scavenging promo wth title

Scavenging is the most ambitious project I’ve worked on to date.

Scavenging is a post apocalyptic TV series set and filmed in New Hampshire, namely the Newfound region. The episodes will be around 45 minutes each so this is definitely a big project. Set 5 years after the end of the world, Scavenging follows many interweaving plotlines of various scavengers, both good and bad, as they attempt to survive against the forces of nature, desperation, and each other.

HPIM4664Although we filmed our first official scene for the show, Scavenging remains largely in pre-production. I am writing, directing, and editing the show, but to make this work I need more actors and locations.

If you would like to be involved in any way or would like a chance to donate to or produce the show, send an email to

I always need more actors, so if you’re in the Newfound area and would like to act on the show send me an email with a headshot. This show is also in need of sponsorship. There is room for commercial breaks so if you run a business and would like to advertised on the show send your information to the email above. I’m going to be launching an Indiegogo campaign for the show soon!

Action still with Elias Redcloud as Anton

We recently filmed a scene for the third episode of the show at the now closed Altered Bee in downtown Bristol and it was the first official scene completely finished for the show. The scene featured the owner of the shop, Debbie Gilbert, acting alongside Elias Redcloud. They had a wealth of dialogue and even a little gunplay.


Sam ready to play the gun spinning hand model for Eli
Sam ready to play the gun spinning hand double for Eli
A bloody storefront didn’t seem to bother anybody downtown
Eli operates the camera while the director takes a stunt fall onto a crash mat

HPIM4661 HPIM4658 HPIM4637


Many thanks to Debbie Gilbert of The Altered Bee for taking on the role of an arms dealer and letting us film in her shop. She did a great job and we look forward to working with her in the future! Be sure to visit her Facebook page to see what she’s creating for her soon to launch online store.


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