Flight of the Conchords review

By Sam Kench

flgiht of the conchords

Flight of the Conchords is a comedy band that is absolutely fantastic. Their music is great and their humor always hits it’s mark.

The band consists of two members Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie.  In 2007 they got their own TV show on HBO in which they play fictionalized versions of themselves, similar to shows like Maron and Louie.

This show is hilarious. The style of comedy may not be for everyone, so if you don’t like their music, you probably wont like the show.

The TV show is a combination of two parts. The first part being a comedy show that just pretty much follows the two of them around New York as they try to become a popular band, and the second half is their music. There are usually two songs per episode, and some work better than others. Sometimes the segues from the stories into the music is a little haphazard, but they generally try to work the song into the plot one way or another.

Both the narrative plot and the music are great. Both aspects are very funny. Some people may think that the show is just a shell for some music videos, but that is not true. Even if you took away the music, this show is still one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. The show only had two seasons and I would love to see it come back for a 3rd, however unlikely that is.bret and jemaine

The biggest reason why this show works so well is the cast. Both Jemaine and Bret are terrific in the show. Jemaine is always my favorite of the two but they are both great. They have great comedic delivery, and since the style of the show has very realistic sounding dialogue for the most, the actors do a good job of making everything sound incredibly natural. It’s true that they’re playing themselves so that probably makes it a bit easier, but they are incredibly believable which still takes talent.

murray hewittThe supporting cast is very good as well. The characters Murray, Mel, Dave, etc. are all unique and funny, and again the performances are very good.

Flight of the Conchords has to be one of my favorite TV shows of all time and I highly recommend it.


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