House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1

By Sam Kench


So the 2nd season of the Netflix Original TV show “House of Cards” was released on Friday, February 14, 2014 and I figured I’d give a quick review of the first episode. Warning, there are going to be some really big spoilers.

house of cards SEASON2First off let me start by saying that if you have Netflix and haven’t watched the first season yet, I suggest you do. Season 2 starts right off and assumes you’ve seen the first season already, which is a completely fair assumption, but the problem is that you may have watched the first season quite a while ago. At least the first episode of this season would’ve benefited greatly from a quick recap at the beginning.

Kevin Spacey is still fantastic in his role as Frank Underwood and all of the acting is good as well.

This new season certainly doesn’t waste any time getting started Kate Mara actually gets killed off. Frank throws her in front of a train. Did not expect that. They were probably only able to get Kate Mara for one more episode so they offed the character, but regardless its a great way to start with a bang. The show has great theme music, classy cinematography, and fantastic dialogue. There was one scene in the episode that felt a little rushed. The dialogue just didn’t flow at a natural pace like it did the rest of the time.

In the first season of House Of Cards Frank Underwood broke the 4th wall, Malcolm in the Middle style, and spoke directly to the audience. I started to wonder if they cut that element from the new season because it hadn’t shown up yet, but it does eventually make an appearance in the last scene of the episode.

You go the whole episode waiting for him to break the 4th wall and then in the final scene he is looking in the mirror and then his eyes snap to the camera “Did you think I forgot about you? Perhaps it would be better if I had.” They used this to great effect. He gives a cool little monologue and then the camera pans down to his cufflinks with his initials -FU. All of this was very cool and handled perfectly.

This episode was a great start to the season and I have very high expectations for the rest of the season. I really dig the way Netflix does TV and most of the content they have put out has been great. House of Cards, Season 2 is shaping up to be very good.


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