Tessellation celebration

By Amy Lyn

tessellation quilt

I challenged myself several months ago to hand sew a quilt after creating the DIY tutorial: How to Make a Tessellation Quilt. Originally I had planned to make a simple, little block of 4 x 4. But, once I got that put together, I was struck with a vision and just had to keep going.

When I pieced together the alternating light and dark green pieces I first just envisioned trees. But, when I rotated the block to the right, suddenly I was seeing frogs and geckos. Then bam, my head filled with an image and I just had to try to make it come to light.

This quilt is completely hand sewn using only salvaged and recycled fleece. Even the thread I sewed with was vintage. (I have a hat box full of vintage thread on tall cones and wooden spools.)

newfound lake tessellation quilt

Here are a few close ups



Can you see the geckos?


CLICK HERE to read the DIY tutorial How to Create a Tessellation Quilt


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