Maron Season 1 review

maronMaron is a show created by comedian Marc Maron in which he plays himself. The show is a comedy that airs on IFC. I enjoyed Maron’s stand up so I gave this show a shot expecting something along the lines of FX’s “Louie“.

This show really reminded me of Louie when I was watching it. Both shows star a comedian playing a fictionalized version of himself and more or less just follow them around on their day to day activities. Both can have some strong dramatic moments as well and both shows have a lot of great cameos from other comedians and actors. Marc Maron was actually on Louie for an episode. What Maron lacks in comparison is the strange and surrealness of Louie. Maron is much more conventional and focuses more heavily on comedy.

Maron is a pretty funny show. Marc Maron does a good job in the lead. Regardless of whether or not he’s playing himself, it’s still very possible to give a bad performance, but he delivers finely. He feels very natural and realistic on screen and the dialogue is also very realistic for the most part. The characters on the show feel like real people (with a few exceptions) which makes the funny things that happen more relatable. There are cameos abound from people such as Dave Foley, Pete Holmes, Jeff Garlin, Judd Hirsch, Dennis Leary, Danny Trejo and more. Some playing themselves and others playing characters.

The cast and acting are good, the comedy hits its mark, and the show is even capable of having some competent dramatic moments. Maron is not a must watch show, but it is funny. I’d say if you like Marc Maron’s stand up then give the show a watch, I’m in it for another season.


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