Dark Chocolate Moose

I’m still working on a short story for this dark chocolate moose. I’m thinking he’s a movie lover though.

Chocolate Moose 1 and 2Moose are such majestic creatures. People travel from around the world to New Hampshire hoping to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures. I’ve been lucky enough to witness moose a few time and every time I was awed by their beauty and grace.

I tried to capture their shape and gentle disposition in my original, handmade design. I had just enough of this dark chocolate, felted wool to make 6 moose and am offering 4 here to a good home.

CLICK HERE to order

Chocolate MooseHEIGHT: 9 inches tall from the tips of his antlers to his hooves

LENGTH: 10.5 inches long from nose to tail

MATERIALS: Only recycled and eco-friendly materials are used to make Green Carbon 2112 stuffed animals. This Moose’s outside is 100% felted wool. His antlers and facial features are made from eco-felt. He is stuffed hard with scraps of recycled clean fabric so he can stand on his own .

CUSTOM ORDER: Want a moose in different size, color, fabric and/or pattern? Send me a message to coordinate your special order.

Below are two of my moose at Twin Designs in Bristol, NH. One is made from dark brown felted wool the other from a piece of vintage fabric in a brown on brown floral print. They have a great selection of moose related gifts to choose from.

two moose


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