Top 5 Most Volatile Movie Characters

Sticking with my trend of top ten lists that haven’t been done before, here is my list of the top 5 most volatile characters of all time.



You can watch this list in video form right here:

These are the characters who are just completely unstable. The kind of characters that make you nervous whenever they’re in the room. You don’t know what they’ll do or when they’ll do it, they could snap at any moment and kill everyone.

So without further ado here my list of the top 5 most volatile characters ever put on screen.

5.) Ritchie Gecko – Quentin Tarantino – From Dusk Till Dawn

ritchie gecko

Quentin Tarantino is a writer/director primarily, but he is also capable of giving a really damn good performance.

He plays Ritchie Gecko who I think is one of the most interesting characters ever written. He is mentally unstable and it’s hard to tell where he draws the line. He’s a sex offender and a murderer and what makes him all the more volatile, is the way he acts about his actions. He has an almost innocent sense about what he does, as if he doesn’t know the things he does are wrong, or perhaps that he somehow validates his actions to himself.

One single line really gives you a sense of his mental state and that is when he turns to the Juliet Lewis after putting in his bit and says “I grind my teeth“.

4.) D-Fens – Michael Douglas – Falling Down


D-Fens is one of my flat out favorite characters of all time.

His tirade against the city shows us real problems that plague our country. We see these real problems through the eyes of a man who has completely lost his grip on calm. He becomes more and more violent over the course of his rampage.

He has a simple goal in mind, which is to reach his home so he can see his daughter on her birthday, and the things he does to reach that goal earn him his spot on the list of most volatile characters.

3.) Tommy DeVito – Joe Pesci – Goodfellas

tommy devito

Joe Pesci undoubtedly has the most drastic height to intimidation ratio out of anyone.

This character will you be your best friend one minute and threatening to kill you the next. You’re playing cards and then all of sudden he starts shooting people in the feet, and for no good reason, just for a laugh.

If his violent outbursts didn’t make him volatile enough, what earns him his place is the way he makes you uncertain of his allegiances. You don’t know whose side he’s on, whether he’s friends with these guys or whether he wouldn’t think twice about killing them.

2.) Don Logan – Ben Kingsley – Sexy Beast

 don logan

Ben Kingsley gives a terrific performance as Don Logan. This character turns from friendly to ferociously violent on a dime.

More than once over the course of the film his violent outbursts are sure to shock and surprise you as well as the other characters in the film. One minute he’s in your bathroom shaving, the next minute he’s broken into your bedroom while you’re asleep and is trying to break your legs.

He is impossible to get a grasp of, and he’s volatile as hell.

1.) Dr. Gonzo – Benicio Del Toro – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

dr. gonzo

Never has a character made me feel as uncomfortable as Dr. Gonzo has. He has such a frightening presence.

Benicio Del Toro gives such a scary good performance. This character is absolutely gonzo. He’s the kind of guy you would be afraid to be around. You almost fear for Raoul Duke’s safety.

Dr. Gonzo is a total wild card, you don’t know how far he’ll go or if he’s even aware of his actions. It is truly terrifying how volatile he is.

Now I’m sure there’s probably a character I forgot to mention or a movie I haven’t seen that would fit perfectly on this list so leave a comment telling what I might have forgotten.


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