Helena the Hairdressing Hedgehog

pink hedgehogAs a young hedgehog Helena was made fun of for her unruly hair. All the other hedgehogs had slick, stiff and spiky hair, colored a speckled golden honey and black pepper. Helena’s hair was crazy curly and colored like maple syrup.

What made it even worse was when she was in school and had to practice curling up into a ball to protect against predators. Everyone else curled up into a tight ball with their hard spiky hair for protection, looking all sleek, tough and oh so cool. She would get so nervous, her hair would start to frizz and puff up so much that when she rolled into a ball she looked like a tumbleweed rolling around the playground.

blue jeans hedgehogAfter many years of trying to tame her tresses, she decided she was tired of trying to fit in when she was so clearly different. So, she went to beauty school, embraced her unique look and took her hair to a whole new level.

Now, Helena changes her hair color and style almost as often as the weather changes in New England. She doesn’t follow the trends, she sets them. Her hair salon has a client list a mile long of hedgehogs wanting to get the special Helena hair-raising treatment.

colorful hedgehogs

CLICK HERE to order Helena with Camouflage hair

CLICK HERE to order Helena with Pink hair

CLICK HERE to order Helena with Blue Jeans hair

Helena with the pale blue hair is available at Twin Designs Gift Shop in Bristol, NH.


~5 inches long

~4 inches tall

~14 around

MATERIALS: Only recycled and eco-friendly materials are used to make the hedgehogs.

CUSTOM ORDER: Want a hedgehog in your favorite color? Send me a message to coordinate.


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