Super Secret Undercover Scotty Dog

As most of our readers know, my son Sam is an aspiring movie writer/director and a HUGE movie fanatic. In fact, he writes most of the movie reviews on our blog. Quentin Tarantino is his all time favorite director so I decided to make Sam a set of Reservoir Dogs.

Reservoir dogs

reservoir dogs mr yellow mr pink mr white mr orange

I think they turned out pretty cute. So, I made a few, slightly bigger ones, for sale.

mr orange

Mr. Orange, the Super Secret Undercover Scotty Dog loves Tarantino movies starring his favorite actor Tim Roth. He’s a handsome fellow with an engaging smile and luscious locks. This little dog can tell the truth from a lie in the blink of an eye, is always dressed to impress and will have your back in a zombie invasion.


mr orange big and little scotty dogs

This handsome puppy is completely handmade from recycled materials.


7 inches tall from the tips of his ears to his paws

9.25 inches long from nose to tail

10.25 inches around his middle

Love the look of Mr. Orange but want him in a different color? How about a different size? We can do that. Just send along an email to coordinate.

I love experimenting with fabric and coming up with new designs. Click here to visit the Green Carbon 2112 shop and see what other animals are looking for a good home.

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