On the Seventh Day of Christmas Sam’s movie recommendation for me was… | Green Carbon 2112

For the seventh day of our 12 Days of Christmas movie recommendations, Sam’s recommendation is “Die Hard”.

die hardA fantastic action movie the just happens to take place on Christmas. This is the movie that made Bruce Willis a household name. It’s 40 stories of sheer terror and introduced the world to the multi-faceted actor, Alan Rickman as the “bad guy” Hans Gruber.

Bruce Willis stars as New York City Detective John McClane,who comes to Los Angeles to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and kids.

But as Mclane waits for his wife’s office party to break up, terrorist take over the building. With only a service revolver, his whits and sheer determination, McClane launches his own one-man war.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Yippee-ki-yay, mo-fos!


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