A Yes Son That is a Lion Christmas Carol

red dawn cameo and carol thumbnail 001I do a sketch show called “Yes Son That is a Lion” and this year we made a Christmas Special. It’s our comedic interpretation of the classic Charles Dickens story. It’s funny, it’s sad, but most of all it’s christmassy. So give it a watch, it’ll keep you in the holiday spirit until new years.

Here’s some extra information. This special was Written by Shaun Hathaway and Directed by myself, Sam Kench. It stars the two of us as well as Cassy Kneeland, Jami McClay, and Logan Frye.

The special was filmed over the course of 4 days for a zero dollar budget. Filming of this video occurred both before and after christmas and two different cameras were used.

The two videos featured in the flashback are “You’ll Never Catch Me Alive Copper” (which is no longer available) and “Fading Humanity” which you can watch with this link right here


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