On the First day of Christmas Sam’s Movie Recommendation for me was…

black adder's Christmas CarolAlmost everyone knows the story “A Christmas Carol” and has seen at least one film adaptation, but here is one that is often overlooked. Rowan Atkinson takes his great Black Adder character and puts him in the role of Scrooge in “Black Adder’s Christmas Carol“.

Now if on the off chance you’re not familiar with the story, the bit you need to know is that it stars Scrooge as a grumpy, nasty old man who hates Christmas and pretty much everyone else, and after being visited by 3 ghosts, changes his ways and becomes nice. Rowan Atkinson basically flips that around and gives you the reverse.

In his incarnation Black Adder starts out as the nicest man in England who gives away everything for the sake of others. After being visited by the ghosts he realizes the “Error of his ways” and becomes the nasty old Black Adder the show is known for.

It’s a delightful spin on the story and it is very funny, and clocking in at only 43 minutes, it is definitely worth the time.



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