Dicking Around in Boom Blox

Check out this hilarious video in which Shaun and I and out special guest Andrew play a game made for children, whilst telling jokes, quoting sin city, giving Shaun an unhealthy dose of Parkinsons, and cracking more gay jokes than you can shake a stick at. I’ll let your imagination fill in that one.

Here are a few of my favorite gay jokes from the video

Sam: You know it’s a cardboard cut out right Andrew?

Shaun: Yeah and your face is a cardboard cut out, of… a gay guy!

Sam: Andrew, what are you Russian?

Shaun: No Sam, he can’t be Russian, because it’s illegal to be gay in Russia

Shaun: I’m actually part Scottish.

Sam: You’re also part gay, but I didn’t feel the need to bring it up.

Shaun: Way to take one for the team Andrew.

Sam: He took a dick for the team am I right?

Shaun: Oh like it was for the team? Like it wasn’t for personal pleasure?

Sam: This game is so confusing

Shaun: You know what else is confusing? Andrew’s sexuality!

Sam: I was just going to say that.


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