Macabre Month of Horror 2013 movie review #10 ‘The Ward’

the wardThe Ward AKA the most disappointing movie I’ve ever seen. John Carpenter was one of the top tier masters of horror. His first movie in 9 years was “The Ward”. Wow a movie so good that a master of horror comes out of retirement to make. I wish that were the case.


John Carpenter in 2001

I watched “The Ward” last year on Halloween. I figured, hey a John Carpenter movie I haven’t seen, this ought to be good for Halloween. I was mistaken. I bottled up my rage at the movie for an entire year before finally writing this review, and really I’m not angry, just disappointed and shocked that John Carpenter would make a film this terrible.

While the original “Halloween” may not have been the first slasher film, it was right there to lay the framework. It was one of the most highly influential films ever made, and pretty much defined the slasher subgenre.

Knowing that John Carpenter had a large part in creating the slasher genre, and then he turns around and makes “The Ward”, one of the most cliché slasher films I’ve seen, it’s almost a sacrilegious experience. “The Ward” is a rip-off of the slasher genre, which is incredibly ironic since it’s directed by the man most responsible for the birth of the genre. I had so much respect for John Carpenter, and I honestly see “The Ward” as a disgrace.

the ward Laura LeighThe script while not being written by John Carpenter is absolutely terrible. The story is uninspired,unoriginal, full of clichés, and does not amount to anything worth committing to memory. The acting is all either unremarkable or quite bad. Actually no, there was actress that was quite good. I almost forgot about her. Laura Leigh did a good job with what she was given. Other than that, the acting is below par, even for a horror film. The movie has an extremely predictable twist, that is also incredible cliché. It’s another split personality movie, as if that hasn’t already been done to death.

“The Ward” abides by pretty much every slasher cliché there is, and doesn’t improve or innovate anything. If John Carpenter hadn’t directed it, there would be no audience for it. “The Ward” would be poorly received and then forgotten. As it still should be. I get the feeling John Carpenter didn’t try very hard with “The Ward”, or even have any passion. Which makes me wonder why he even made it. He didn’t do the music either as he often does, he said he was “too old”. Well maybe he’s too old to pick his scripts because “The Ward” is awful.

Not a good movie, but if you want to complete your John Carpenter collection or just want to see if it’s as bad as I say it is, you can buy it by clicking  “HERE”. It’s really not a horrible movie, it’s just tremendously disappointing that it came from John Carpenter, a master of horror. This is something I would expect from a straight to DVD first time director.


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