Macabre Month of Horror 2013 movie review #8 ‘The Collection’ (2012)


Quick Disclaimer: “The Collection” is a sequel to “The Collector“, which I have not seen.

the collection“The Collection” is not a good movie by any means, but it is hilarious. This is a very funny movie. The comedy is not intentional most of the time, but it’s funny none the less.

“The Collection” is one of those trashy bad horror movies that you can really have some fun with. This is a great movie to watch during October. It has a real Halloween type vibe. Any other time of year and you can probably pass on this one, but if you’re going for a trashy Halloween horror movie marathon, then this would not be a bad choice.

The premise of “The Collection” is just so absurd that I can’t help but laughing at it. Supposedly this one normal dude in a mask has murdered HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people! In Public! And kidnapped hundreds of others! The movie says that he takes one person alive after each slaughtering. But there are a ludicrous amount of people in his collectorhouse. The number of people that The Collector has tortured and killed is just stupid funny. Hell the beginning of the movie is the Collector somehow setting up this ridiculously over complicated trap that basically sends a big piece of farming equipment through a rave with a few hundred people in it. The premise and execution of this film is absolutely rib tickling.

The Collector himself is played by a stunt man which I think is good, because there’s really no need for an actor to play that role. The character is really boring, has no motives or real dialogue, but the biggest problem with him is that he isn’t very threatening. He’s a guy in a mask, I didn’t buy that he could really pull this off.

The cast is mostly boring but there are a couple noteworthy people. First off is Jenny Matrix from VGHS, who get’s her head crushed in the first few minutes, that’s worth watching. The other notable actor is Christopher McDonald. Yeah, shooter McGavin! Tappy Tibbons!  Dennis Spooner? Anyway he’s a great actor, he might be one of those “That Guy” actors, whose name isn’t known by all, but he’s good at what he does. So why he chose to do this role is a mystery to me. The worst part is that they completely fail to utilize him. He doesn’t have anything to work with. He only has a couple of scenes, one of which he’s asleep for.the collection jenny matrix

I don’t understand why the police haven’t taken care of this guy yet. There are a group of mercenary type people who go after the Collector. One of the characters asks why they think they would be able to catch him. He replies “Because we’re willing to do things that the police aren’t” and by that they just mean that they’ll kill the Collector. This guy has killed hundreds of people, I’m pretty sure the police would be okay with killing this guy. He’s all over the news, they know he’s the one doing these things, and they find out where he’s hiding incredibly easily, so why not get some back up, or call the police, or get some snipers, or call the army, or drop a f*cking bomb or something. Their plan for getting this guy is really poorly thought out, it’s just lazy writing.collection gore

“The Collection” goes for gore instead of subtlety. It’s a torture porn movie, which usually I can’t stand and consider one of the lowest forms of film making, but they aren’t usually this funny. The Collector takes a cliche premise and set up and brings it to preposterous levels. The script is full of stupid moments, clichés, and plot holes, it’s a bad movie. But it’s worth watching during the Halloween season with a couple of friends.

You can buy the collection by clicking right “here” and Keep checking back all October long for a new review everyday, with this year’s Macabre Month of Horrorsams macabre skull



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