Macabre Month of Horror 2013 movie review #1 ‘Pieces’ (1982)

grindhouse movie poster for piiecesMACABRE MONTH OF HORROR #1

Kicking off the Macabre Month of Horror is a special Jumping off Point video review of the movie “Pieces“.

A Jumping Off Point review is an unscripted group review of a movie. We use the movie as a jumping off point to launch into other topics. These reviews get the point of the movie across while also getting incredibly sidetracked and being hilarious. The distraction is part of the fun, with Jumping Off Point reviews.

WARNING: Video may be inappropriate for young viewers.

Keep checking back all October long for a new review every day of the month. There will be more Jumping Off Point reviews, and scripted video reviews, there will be some written reviews, and guest reviewers will be joining us as well. So check back each day of October for this year’s Macabre Month of Halloween Horror.


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