The 2013 Macabre Month of Horror begins tomorrow!

sams macabre skull bw
Macabre Skull by Sam Kench

Tomorrow is October first, which means it’s the first day of the Macabre Month of Horror.

Thirty one reviews in 31 days starting tomorrow. Thirty one horror reviews giving you recommendations for things to check out on Halloween as well as letting you know which movies you should avoid.

We’ll be covering classics as well as movies you may not have heard, and a couple I’m almost positive you haven’t heard of. Final Remains anyone?

This year’s Macabre Month of Horror is huge. There are written reviews, guest reviews, jumping off point reviews, video reviews, collaborative reviews, and even horror video game reviews. Check back in tomorrow for the first post of the Macabre Month of Horror.

First up will be a hilarious jumping off point review of an old grindhouse film called Pieces. The rest of the reviews are a mystery, so come back each day to find out what the new review is of, and if it’s worth watching.


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