Mr. Bean the movie (1997)

mr bean the movie rowan atkinsonMr. Bean the movie takes a great character and makes it feel stale and defiled.

I think a Mr. Bean movie is not a bad idea. It could be done well. Should have been done well.

There is an issue that is made clear right at the beginning of the movie. They have Americanized Mr. Bean. Yes. Instead of Mr. Bean being in Britain, he is now in America. L.A. of all places. Why was this done? I can think of a few reasons but none that make any f*cking sense. Why is this so bad? Because it’s just unnecessary. Putting Mr. Bean in America is like putting Snoopy in Australia. And yes I do think Snoopy and Mr. Bean are a fair comparison.

They do give a reason for Mr. Bean being in America, but it comes out of nowhere. The reason is that Mr. Bean’s boss at the art museum sends him to America for the presentation of a famous painting. But wait a second, Mr. Bean never had a boss. He never worked at a museum or art gallery. We never found out what his job was on the show. That is assuming he had a job, Which I figured he didn’t, and whether or not he did was not important to the show. I find it hard to believe that that was the best reason they could come up with to get Mr. Bean to America. I still haven’t accepted the fact that he should be in America anyway, but I digress.

The last episode of the Mr. Bean TV show ended with Mr. Bean getting mailed to Russia. I would rather them cheat the mythology and make him  mailed to America rather than give him some imaginary job.

Mr. Bean is, unsurprisingly, the best part of the movie. What’s no so understandable is that he’s the only enjoyable part. All of the American characters are awful. They are cliched, forced, and most of all: NOT FUNNY. Mr. Bean has an American sidekick character, who is just not funny, and the worst part is that the story revolves around him rather than Mr. Bean. I mean for God’s sake the movie is called Mr. Bean not Mr. Someguythatnobodygivesadiddlyabout.

The show was always light on story. It just consisted of Mr. Bean being put into a particular situation and then seeing how he deals with it. Each episode was a couple of situations which where usually unconnected. That’s actually how it was written, they would just think of a situation Mr. Bean had not yet been in, and then take it from there. I don’t see why they couldn’t just do the movie that way.

There is also way too much talking in the movie. Mr. Bean is a man of few words. This is not just a characteristic but it is also where a lot of the comedy comes from. In this movie, Mr. Bean talks way too much. In the entirety of the show he only says a few words, which provide excellent comedic moments. But in this movie he talks in unnecessary places. He even gives a speech at an art gallery. But I won’t complain too much about that, because it was actually pretty funny. But now that I think about it, it was Rowan Atkinson funny, not really Mr. Bean funny.

The entire show was quiet, not just the character of Mr. Bean. The other characters on the show were all quiet as well. They didn’t talk much either, they just reacted to Mr. Bean. The show was almost a silent comedy. But the characters in this movie just won’t shut the hell up.

The music in this is all awful. It is all unfitting, overused, or just bad. They even play some god awful cover of Stuck in the Middle With You, the song made famous in Reservoir Dogs.

There is a whole segment with Mr. Bean giving the middle finger. This made me very angry. That added raunch to Mr. Bean. That is something that should never be put with Mr Bean. Mr. Bean was always clean and pure. Rowan Atkinson is usually one of the only big comedic actors that doesn’t need to rely on dirty humor to be funny.

Rowan Atkinson is amazing. He is Mr. Bean. He provides all of the funny moments for the movie. Unfortunately everything Mr. Bean does is just a stale recreation of a situation he already went through on the show. It is the exact same scenario, I mean exact same. They even re-do the entire turkey on the head thing. I would call it a rip-off, but I don’t know, I mean, it’s ripping off itself isn’t it? No. Mr. Bean the movie is not Mr. Bean.

mr bean the real bean rowan atkinsonIf you want a taste of the real Mr. Bean I highly recommend Mr. Bean – The Whole Bean (Complete Set)

The movie is a disgrace to the TV show so skip it and enjoy the Whole Bean on his original British television show. You will laugh until you cry.


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