The 2nd Annual Macabre Month of Horror is coming

Classic Horror Collage by Sam Kench
Classic Horror Collage by Sam Kench

It’s back. The 2nd annual Macabre Month of Horror. One horror review for every day of October. Old and new, obscure and classic, big budget and b-movies I’ll cover them all.

This year the Macabre Month of Horror will be bigger and better. There will be video reviews along with written reviews. You can expect reviews from special guest reviewers as well.

October is the month of Halloween, which just screams horror. Why wait till Halloween to watch scary movies. Watch them all month-long. In fact, I propose to you to take an oath that for the entire month you will exclusively watch horror movies. Or hell just wait till Halloween if you want, binge and watch a whole lot of them. The choice is up to you.

The whole point of this event is to give you some recommendations. Classics you may not have seen or have forgotten about, and I take special pride in recommending obscure horror movies that you haven’t heard of. Underrated/unknown masterpieces. Well maybe not “Masterpieces” but at least some fun rides.

So check back all October long and find out which horror movies you should be watching this Macabre Month of Halloween Horror known humbly as “October”.


the shining

The Shining is often considered one of the greatest horror films of all time, and with good reason. Many people do not consider the Shining to be a horror film, I suppose it is more of a psychological thriller, but anything creepy can be covered on this month of reviews, and The Shining certainly fits that.

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paranormal activity picture frame

Paranormal Activity was a phenomenon when it first came out. It was made independent and very low budget. The movie had a limited release, but after it got insane crowd reactions, it was brought to theaters across the country. It was proclaimed as the scariest movie ever made. What do I think? think it’s a pile of horse sh*t!
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one hour photo robin williamsOne Hour Photo is a horror/thriller starring Robin Williams. You may think this is really strange casting decision. Robin Williams is mostly known for his comedy roles. A good number of those comedies are also geared towards little kids. But “One Hour Photo” is not one of those films.
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Friday the 13th (1980 film)

“Friday the 13th” is one of the most well known slasher films. There have been a ridiculous amount of sequels, a crossover, and of course a remake. This is a huge franchise. So how does the first film fair?

The icon of the series is the hokey masked slasher Jason Voorhees. However Jason is not the killer in the first film. He is in fact in the movie, but only briefly as a child. He isn’t the killer until the second movie, and he doesn’t wear the iconic hokey mask, until the the third movie.

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Cover of "Alien (The Director's Cut)"The famous tagline for Alien was “In space no one can here you scream.”  This is a good tagline as well as a good solution to the horror isolation element. In horror movies there needs to be a reason why the protagonist can’t simply go to the police, or get help. In space there is no help.
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creep posterThe setting for Creep isn’t completely original for a horror film, but works very well nonetheless.The film takes place in a subway station, but that isn’t the only location. There are a few other interesting locations.
The locations and the way they are discovered kind of reminds me of a survival horror game like Silent Hill or Resident Evil. From the subway we find a great set with cages over water pits, and a very creepy laboratory. All of the locations are well designed and perfectly creepy. I also want to note that the lighting is very good. I know the lighting may not seem too important to a lot of people, but the lighting adds to the creepiness in a very good way.
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