Jesus was the original zombie

Bruce Campbell as Ash

Easter is the day when we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead. So what better way to spend the day than having a tasty brunch followed by a Zombie movie marathon?

Our Easter Sunday Zombie Movie Marathon included:28 Days Later – The first zombie movie with fast zombies. As if zombies weren’t scary enough already.

Now I’m really wanting to watch 28 Weeks Later again. The opening scene of both movies really sets the tone. Memorable and mind blowing.


The cult classic Army of Darkness

Sam loves these Evil Dead movies. Me, I can only take so much hokiness, but damn Bruce Campbell is a piece of boomstick carrying hotness in this film.


The Cutest Zombie movie you will most likely ever see is Fido 

I put off watching this on Netflix for the longest time because the write up was horrible and the pic of Fido gave me the creeps. But, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and really did say out loud to Sam “That’s the cutest little zombie movie I ever did see”. Yes, the response to my comment was a face palm and groan.


Rounding out the marathon is my favorite zombie movie of all time Shaun of the Dead!!!

I can not express enough how much I love the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost marriage of comedy genius.



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