Darksiders ps3 review

I managed to score ps plus for 30 days, which gives me access to the instant game collection. This is a collection of 18 “full” ps3 games. Now these games rotate out but currently 6 of those games are PS vita games so it’s more like 12 “full” ps3 games. And… 8 games are psn titles, so it’s really only 4 “full” games. AND… 1 of them is a megamen collection? So it’s really only 3 full games. But wait… There’s still 5 full release games. That’s 20 total. You’re selling yourself short sony. But then again you were massively overselling yourself in the first place, so maybe you’re just compensating out of guilt.

Anyway, getting to the point of all this; Darksiders is one of those free games, so I’m going to make an assessment. Now I’m playing through the game as I’m writing this, so self contradiction may ensue. To streamline this review and also give a cheap way to be lazier I’ll leave a captains log of sorts. I’ll just make a list of some thoughts on the game as I have them.

darksiders poster

Thought #1: Holy crap a city?! I’m not sure why but I was under the impression that this game takes place in some ancient land. It turns out it doesn’t take place in the past, quite the contrary, it takes place in the future. Now this was really surprising to me, but I doubt it would be to anyone who had any kind of prior knowledge before beginning the game.

Thought #2: This is a massive rip off of God Of War.  I’m just amazed by how much of an unabashed rip off it is. They didn’t even change the button mapping, it’s almost exactly the same, just with a different mythology, a less interesting character, a less interesting weapon, and a different breed of baddies for you to tear in half. I just can’t believe how blatant of a rip off this is. That being said, a rip-off of something great can be still be enjoyable, even if it does feel dirty to say that. We’ll see how things pan out.

Thought #3: It’s been feeling really awkward moving around with this character, and I think I figured out why. He’s embarrassingly short. Well okay he’s taller than every human in the game, but his arm length to body width ratio is all off. He has a tiny head and a bigger chest than


Tomb Raider. I don’t know if I can explain it but I’ll try… uh? I got it. It feels like I’m play

ing as Gimli from Lord of the rings with a smaller head.

Thought #4: The voice acting, while not terrible, is noticeably bad. The voices are either over exaggerated, or too bland. The game can’t seem to find a middle ground. Half the time that the main character is talking, I couldn’t tell the difference between him, and everybody else in the scene.

Thought #5: Oh come on, the wall climbing from God of War too, and even the chests and souls for currency (the game made it blue instead of red. That passes for originality right?), health, or wrath(Which is the same as whatever that titan stuff was from God of War 2.)

Thought #6: I’m not very far into the game and already the combat is getting really repetitive. You only have one attack button, which severely limits your options. This is an odd choice seeing as the triangle button doesn’t even do anything.

Thought #7: I accidentally skipped a cut-scene and was left with no clear instruction on what to do, so I just started wandering around stabbing eye’s of Sauron that appeared to be growing out of the pavement. Once inside I was treated to a shoveled in combat challenge to appease a bigger eye of Saron.

eye of sauron

Thought #8: Even the wings and the thing that blocks the way out of the room is the same as in God of War. I can’t believe how blatant of a rip off it is.

Thought #9: I acquired a new weapon which made use of the triangle button, hopefully this might make the combat a little more interesting.

Thought #10: It’s now 5 minutes later and the combat is just as monotonous and repetitive. You gain new moves, but the nature of the game play causes the use of them to become stale almost immediately. The concept of dominant theory is misunderstood in this game. Having an ultimate means of disposing of an enemy results in you always using that means of disposal. But this is incredibly repetitive and boring. Every 2 minutes you need to fight a horde of around 15 of the same enemy all ending with the exact same finisher. It’s just rinse and repeat and it’s really wearing on me. When a game ceases to have have any prospect of fun, then it has completely failed at what it is doing. This is where I stop playing this game. Maybe the game gets more entertaining further down the line, but you shouldn’t need to trudge through monotony to find enjoyment.



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