127 Hours (2010)

*Spoiler FREE*

127 hours

127 Hours comes from Danny Boyle who is a very good director. His works are very varied. He’s done movies ranging from 28 Days Later to Sunshine to Slumdog Millionaire. This time the story is true which is incredible. A very interesting story, and I think that the test for any movie inspired by real life events is “Would the film still be good if the story wasn’t true?” In this case: YES.

I realized that I don’t really mention the plot at all in my reviews. I say whether the plot is good or bad, but I never say what actually happens. Maybe that is a good thing, I’m not really sure. I’ll try telling a little about the plot. The protagonist is an adrenalin junkie who goes canyon spelunking without telling anyone where he is. He ends up getting his arm trapped under a boulder (That boulder deserves villain of the year) and that’s why we have a movie. Seeing this man’s will to survive is really amazing. That’s all I’ll say about the plot, more than I usually say, but still hardly anything.

rock arm

What do you think, should I continue to do these plot bits in future reviews, or should I just keep them out like I had before.

127 takes place almost entirely in one very small location with just one character. There are other characters and locations but for the most part it’s just James Franco in a canyon. This might sound like it would be boring, but it’s not at all. The movie is kept interesting and varied through Danny Boyle’s creative and unusual camera techniques and music choices. There is a lot of juxtapositional music that works great. 127 Hours even has the Scooby-Doo theme song. The music is all very good. Both pre-existing and original score.

There is a particular scene at the end of the film, which I’m pretty sure everybody knows about, but just in case you don’t I won’t spoil it. Just let me say that it’s truly cringe inducing.

james franco wierd face

James Franco’s performance is what really makes this movie great. James Franco has done a lot of stupid comedies, and he has been written off as an OK at best actor, but that is just wrong. I put him in my top ten under rated actors list. The man really knows how to act. This performance is undeniably great. It is honestly one of the greatest all time performances. James Franco does such and unbelievably good job in this role. The performance really shines in moments like the talk show that has with himself doing both roles.

127 Hours was one of the greatest films of 2010 and has one of the greatest performance of all time. Definitely watch this movie.



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