Fading Humanity a short film inspired by The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies
William Golding‘s classic ‘The Lord of the Flies’ is a scenario just as chilling as it was when first published in 1954. A plane full of English school boys crashed on a deserted island. At first, the stranded boys, with no adults to guide them, attempt to work together gathering food, making shelters and maintaining signal fires, hoping for a rescue. But without the trappings of society norms, the majority of the boys would rather play, swim and hunt than follow rules and take any responsibility. Soon, all the rules the group originally agreed to are tossed out and the civilization the wise and fair in the group tried to create slips away leading to utter mayhem and savagery.

Golding’s novel explores the boundaries between reason and insanity, human survival and animal instinct.

Inspired by the book, three students from Newfound Regional High School created this short film


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