A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

A Fantastic Fear of Everythinghas not been met with good reviews. I’m a fan of Simon Peg, but I have to admit he has done some crap in the past such as “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People“. This is one of his most recent projects.

The movie has a heavy emphasis on psychology. Much of the story revolves around what causes the fear in Simon Peg’s character, and how his childhood affected him later in life. There is also a therapist character who has a brief but pivotal scene which feels like a case study on a mans paranoid mind. I found this to be a good thing, it was very interesting, and kept the story moving.

Scenes with heavy exposition and dialogue like the therapist scene are kept interesting through creative visuals including animation and stop motion like effects. I liked the psychology element in this film. It left the film with a lot of symbolism and a deeper meaning. I got the feeling that the writer might be taking things that have happened in his life and kind of psychoanalyzing himself for the film. If that’s not true then I have to say that it is really well written because it seems as though it has a lot of heart.The movie was written and directed by a first timer and he did a great job. I get the feeling that he made exactly the film that he wanted to make.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything

The comedy in the movie is done well. I found it to be funny enough through-out, though it did seem like less of a comedy, and more of a different genre that happened to have comedy injected into it. The story is a lot thicker and a lot better than most comedies that have come out recently. A Fantastic Fear of everything parodies some great films that served as inspiration such as Psycho in a a few scenes, one of which involves a reverse shower stabbing which I found to be hilarious. The movie gives tribute to some great films, but is very original. Movies that have been coming out tend to be remakes, sequels, or rip-offs. This film manages to be refreshingly original.

A large portion of the film takes place in a launderette, which is an interesting choice. It makes me wonder if the writer had some life changing experience in a launderette similar to the one faced in the film. I was really interested in exploring the setting of the launderette and how it could be used for both comedy and horror. I kept being reminded of the Mr. Bean episode where he goes to a launderette. Interestingly enough I watched this movie in between writing a screenplay, in which I was working on a scene that takes place in a launderette. An odd coincidence but a welcome one.

I really enjoyed A Fantastic Fear of Everything. It’s no masterpiece, but it is very interesting, original, and even thought provoking. Don’t watch if you’re just looking for a brainless comedy, this is a movie where comedy is a disguise and the other elements of the film are more prominent, but in a good way.  I would say this is worth watching. Not everyone will like it (as most other critics have shone) but I know that there’s an audience for it. I believe that this could become a cult classic. Not quite Fantastic, but definitely good.



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  1. Paul Devine says:

    the pr company responsible for the uk promotion didnt give it alot of promotion which is a shame, it got a very very limited release in uk cinemas, my local cinema only screened it for 2 days and 2 screenings per day. I only received info 2 days before the home entertainment release, too late to review


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