The Faculty (1998) October horror #19

Cover of "The Faculty"

The Faculty is the kind of movie that is easily miss-able, and easily forgettable. It has definitely faded into obscurity, but I doubt it was even widely known when it first came out. I only saw it because it was directed by Robert Rodriguez.

This may be sounding like you shouldn’t see it, but quite the contrary. I found this to be a very fun horror movie. It’s not scary, or very original, but it is gory, and fun. And, it has some pretty good music.

The movie is full of well known actors which was a surprise to me. It stars Elijah Wood who is great. It also features Salma Hayek (It’s a Rodriguez film, of course she’s in it), Robert Patrick of Terminator 2 fame, and even Jon Stewart. None of these stars felt forced into the movie. It was fun to find them in a movie like this. There is also Usher, Danny Masterson (from That 70’s Show), Daniel Von Bargen (Who I’ll always remember as Comandant Spangler), and the guy that I can only remember as Shooter Mcgavin (Christopher Mcdonald).

The Faculty has some really great gore effects. There are a lot of practical effects which all look amazing, but there is also some CG effects which look awful. The good gore outweighs the bad gore.

The Faculty has an interesting enough premise, good directing, solid acting, and just enough stupid to make for a very fun time.


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