Run Like Hell game review Macabre month of horror #18

RLH stands for Run Like Hell. The title is most of the reason why I checked out the game. I very much like the title. Now the game, that’s different.

RLH came out in 2002 on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. I played it on the PS2 and there are some differences between the two, including an extra level and skins on the Xbox version, but the PS2 version gets a Breaking Benjamin music video, yeah, or not yeah, I don’t know that band, and I doubt anyone cares about it in the game anyway.In the game there are items of course which can replenish your health. One such item is the Bawls Energy drink. This is an actual drink that they sell in certain parts of the country, I’ve never seen one in person though. Now I’m mentioning this because of something that is in the manual for the game. It’s obvious product placement and the manual contains a full page ad for the drink, which I usually hate, but I will let it slide because the ad is genuinely amusing. “Grab your Bawls and Run Like Hell.”The game features voice from some well known celebrities including Lance Henrikson and Micheal Iornside. Iornside better known in the video game world as the voice of Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series. The first Splinter Cell game came out the same year as RLH, but a little while after.
Henrikson voices the character that you play as. Henrikson was also in Aliens which was a clear inspiration to the game. His character’s name is Nick Connors. A pretty boring name as far as games usually go. But the boring name fits because he is a boring character. His character doesn’t really have anything interesting going for him, he’s just the typical “I’m too old for this stuff” character. Oh yeah and he also has nightmares about his dead … wife?The story isn’t really very interesting. It’s just, everyone is dead, don’t join them. You’re not really trying to accomplish anything. You have little or no motivation to go and do the things your doing.The game is a survival horror game like Resident Evil or Silent Hill, with a much heavier Sci-Fi element. You are on a big space station and you are defending yourself from aliens. One of the sub titles for this game is “Hunt or be Hunted”. That’s an overused tagline anyway but it’s also just inaccurate.
You can’t hunt these things, and they don’t really hunt you either, they just pop out and attack you, or stand there until you move close enough. The main enemy you fight is just a rip off of the H.R Gieger Alien from “Alien”. Except he just slashes at you with his little blade arms. There are other enemy types, but they are all very underwhelming. The game say’s that the enemies learn from your behavior and adapt to it, but that’s just a lie.You upgrade your guns, but it’s not the same as other games with the same mechanic. When you upgrade a gun it doesn’t change much. You really just need them so you can shoot more than 1 bullet every 3 seconds. The  actual gameplay is very bad, you run very awkwardly and shooting is terrible.There are puzzles which is common place in survival horror games. One thing that is very annoying is that the game won’t save any information that you find, such as door codes. You need to remember these things for a very long time, since sometimes you find a code and you never even find the door until 30 minutes later. I suggest keeping a piece of paper to write stuff down on. I think that would actually be cool in a game like LA Noir. Having the option to keep track of all the clues yourself, could be pretty cool. But in a game like RLH where you just need it for trivial little things, it’s not good. The puzzles are either so simple that they’re pointless, or they just involve a lot of running back and forth, which again is pointless.I know I haven’t really said anything good about the game, but I can’t. It’s just not a good game. It had some potential, but every aspect of the game just fails miserably.

I am in fact selling a copy of it, so maybe it’s actually a masterpiece.


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