The Halloween Town series (1998 – 2006) Halloween horror #17

These are movies I saw when I was very young. I have purposely avoided re-watching these films for the review. I will base the review off of pure nostalgia.

The HalloweenHalloweentown (film)town movies were a Halloween themed TV movie series made by Disney. There were 4 total. I remember really loving the first 2 Halloween Town movies, and really hating the last 2.

The first two Halloween town movies kind of blend together in my mind. They were full of great characters, and had a unique charm about them. It was not a horror movie, but instead a Halloween movie. There were full of magic and mystery.

Great kids movies and I really, recommend the first 2 Halloweentown movies to all kids for Halloween. It makes a good tradition. The kind of movies you watch once a year, like those old Christmas movies.

The first two went so well together, but then the third one came out. It’s called Halloweentown High. It’s a Halloweentown movie without Halloween town in it. In the first two movies, there was this mythical town called Halloweentown, which was so well constructed and full of wonder, and instead of that, we have a highschool.

There are still some people from Halloweentown but they are trying to blend in with the normal kids. I really do think that was about the time that Disney started to be evil.

This one still tries to an extent, but lacks all the mystery and charm, and instead feels like a really bad 80’s TV show. I remember being so excited for this movie. The movies all came out 3 years apart from each other. The first in 1998 the second in 2001 and the third in 2004. I was so disappointed by this movie. I was angry after seeing it, but not as angry as after the final Halloweentown movie.

The last movie is called Return to Halloweentown. This title is just plain wrong. It’s not in Halloweentown, it’s in another fricken school! Maybe the school is supposed to be in halloween town, but that’s bull. The Halloweentown from the first to movies, was bright and imaginative. The charm once again is completely missing. The third one tried a little bit, but this one didn’t try at all. The movie is a complete disgrace to the original mythology set up by the first two films.

This was made once the evil of Disney had taken over. From a certain point, Disney became really currupted and began making nothing but crap. Aside from their work with Pixar, Disney is now pretty much useless.

Perhaps the most immediately off-putting thing about this sequel is that they recast the main actress. You don’t have a character be played by the same actress for 3 movies and then recast her with no explanation. The actress who originally played the character really hasn’t done much since then, so I wonder why she didn’t play the role. Maybe, Disney people were dicks and gave the role to this other girl, who is a horrible actress by the way. Or maybe she read the script and saw how utterly horrible it was, and didn’t want anything to do with it. I do think it’s a shame that she hasn’t done much else. I would cast her in my film.

I say pretend the last 2 don’t exist and watch the first 2. They are great kids movies. They are kid friendly without talking down to them like most movies do in this day and age. All kids should see the first two Halloweentown films.


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