Brain Dead (1990) Halloween horror #16

Brain Dead is movie from the early 90’s that’s clinging onto the 80’s which coincidentally has the same name as the alternate title for Dead Alive. Except it is spelled Braindead without a space. The posters are sort of similar too, they both involve a stretched face.

Brain Dead stars Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton. The first BP has a larger and better role than the second. Bill Pullman reminded me at times of Michael Douglas. He play’s his role, but it is nothing outstanding.

The movie can be quite smart at times, utilizing some great quotes including one from Chuang Tzu. The movie also takes heavy inspiration from the works of H. P. Lovecraft, and even names one of the characters after a character from a Lovecraft story.

The plot is very simple. A brain specialist starts to go insane, after dealing with a patient. I think a problem was that there was no real progression, he just goes from sane to insane pretty much instantly. When he does go insane, it’s more crazy things happening happening to him, rather than him doing crazy things.

There is a dream sequence that lasts the entire end of the film. This section is the most enjoyable part of the film. The film reaches this climax pretty early on and stays there for a while. The movie is actually a little short, only about an hour and 20 minutes. There is a twist and the movie does a good job keeping you confused about what exactly is happening, without being off-putting. You don’t know what is real, what the truth is, you don’t who’s crazy and who isn’t. This is the strongest aspect the movie has going for it.

During the credits a song play’s that I guess qualifies as a theme song. The song reminds me of music from the first “Command and Conquer” game. The music is a similar style and both have random audio clips play over the music.

Overall the movie is worth watching. Not worth going out of your way to find, but if you have the opportunity you just might enjoy yourself, if your in the mood for a cheesy cerebral horror movie. Head cheese?



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