Paranormal Activity (2007) Macabre month of Halloween horror #15

Cover of "Paranormal Activity"

Paranormal Activity was a phenomenon when it first came out. It was made independent and very low budget. The movie had a limited release, but after it got insane crowd reactions, it was brought to theaters across the country. It was proclaimed as the scariest movie ever made. What do I think?

I think it’s a pile of horse sh*t!

I don’t think it needed it’s wider release. I mean I’m glad for the creators of the film, but really? And all those claims about it being the scariest film ever made, I can’t discredit that enough. Not only did I not think it was the scariest ever made, I didn’t think it was scary at, or enjoyable, at all, I found it to be down right hilarious at times. The ending where the guy flies towards the camera, I fell down laughing. I don’t know how people can take this movie seriously.

I know I’m in the minority on this, but I thought this movie was terrible in pretty much every way.

I hate the found footage style. It was first made famous by “The Blair Witch Project”,and I think that

it could have been contained to that one film. Having the found footage effect adds nothing to the movie except plot holes.  Paranormal activity has breathed life into the dead style, which should have stayed dead. Now there are so many movies that use this gimmick for absolutely no reason. Even George A. Romero has used this style in his movie ‘Diary of the Dead’ , which by the way I think is better than most people say.

I cannot believe that people actually thought this was real when it came out. Some people still think it’s real and that just blows my mind. You don’t have sequels to something that is real! But even when it was just the first film, why did people think it was real. You don’t show real footage in movie theaters, or put it on IMDB, plus just from the footage, it is obviously fake.

So accepting that it is fake doesn’t make the film any better. The film is really bad. The plot is so bad, and poorly thought out. It really seems as though they just made up the plot as they filmed it. The characters are flat. I guess they thought that the found footage aspect was an excuse to not have characters, but that is wrong.

The movie is very bad, even with the ridiculous amount of hype it received, I wouldn’t pay it any mind. An overused and ineffective gimmick, paper thin characters, and the lack of a plot secure this as a terrible movie.


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