Drive Thru (2007) Macabre month of horror #7

Let me start out by saying that ‘Drive Thru‘ is definitely not a good movie, but it is soooooo much fun. Get a few friends together and watch Drive Thru, you’re sure to have a good time ripping into it.

Drive Thru is about Horny the clown, who is the mascot for a fictional fast food place named Hella‘ Burger”. None of the human characters are any good, this is really a slasher film where you root for the villain. Horny the clown is awesome and you are definitely on his side.

The main girl, who you are supposed to rooting, for is actually kind of a bitch. Pretty much all of the human characters are. Their “Big Star” is Larry Joe Campbell, and he is extremely annoying in this role.

This is a real fault, because a staple of slasher films is to have at least one decent character who you want to win over the slasher, but in this film you’re just like “Go ahead kill her, I don’t care.”

The movie flip flops between whether it is supernatural or grounded in reality. Almost like they couldn’t decide. There are moments when Horny does things that are completely impossible, then the movie tells you he is just a normal guy. Horny does have a motive for doing all the killing, but it’s kind of convoluted and doesn’t really make sense. Then they change their mind again and tell you that there is something supernatural going on. After that the movie tries to drop a series of plot twists, all of which are underwhelming, unnecessary, and very stupid.

Some of the gore effects are just laughably bad. They actual have a really bad Tom and Jerry kill, where Horny cuts a dude into about 8 pieces and he falls apart with horrible computer effects. It’s so bad and it’s actually really unintentionally funny. There are problems like this all throughout the movie, not contained strictly to the gore.

There is a very off putting and unneeded use of fortune telling toys. They use a Ouija board, which is just to say “Hey we have a Ouija board in our movie”. They even use a magic eight ball. Later on they try to play it off as some sort of revelation or plot twist, but nobody’s buying that.

An interesting note: The guy who played the manager at the restaurant is the “Super Size Me” guy.

The movie is really bad, but in a good way. It really is such a good time. It is actually my favorite on the DVD collection. I recommend checking it out with a friend.


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