Tamara (2005) Macabre month of horror #6

*Spoiler Alert*

Tamara was a fairly low-budget slasher kind of horror movie.

I must begin by mentioning Jennifer’s Body“. Now I’ve never seen that movie, but from what I know about it, it looks like a giant rip off of Tamara. I have feeling Tamara wasn’t completely original either.

The basic plot is that a very “ugly” unpopular girl is tricked by some people into going to a motel room where she thinks she is going to meet her teacher for  some “cramming”. This isn’t very original, but did have a little aspect added that helped it not feeling totally cliched.

Only about half the group actually knew what was going on. She get’s embarrassed, and one thing leads to another which leads her head careening into a coffee table. Her death was a complete accident, and I thought her death was rather realistic. She doesn’t get impaled by a table or anything crazy like that, she just hits her head and dies.

The group who killed her bury her in the woods. She comes back to life because of some “Witchcraft”, and for some reason has now over gone a makeover, and acquired a new wardrobe. Taking a dirt nap is always cheaper. So now she’s transformed and wants revenge. “Jennifer’s Body” cough cough.

She doesn’t just get revenge on the people who were there when she died, there a few others as well. Some of the kills are pretty original and interesting. Two deaths that stand out are the death of her alcoholic abusive father who she forces to consume glass bear bottles until he dies, and a bulimic girl who she forces to puke until death, and this is the kind of movie that shows everything.

The kid who get’s it the worst is the one who deserved it the least. He really didn’t deserve anything. She kills him in an undeserved but interesting fashion. She forces him to kill himself over the schools TV system in a manor following the three monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. This scene is particularly tense and much gorier than most of the rest of the movie. I feel this kill should have gone to someone more deserving.

None of the characters are terribly interesting, but the acting is fairly solid.

Overall Tamara is a fairly solid slasher film. It doesn’t have anything too special going for it, but it has a sort of “B-movie” charm to it.



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  1. jmount43 says:

    I reviewed this one not long ago To me it was a perfect example of how a hot chick does not a good movie make.


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