Boy Eats Girl (2005) Macabre month of horror #5

The next four reviews in my October horror series will be connected. I got this movie and 3 others on one DVD at Walmart for $5. That’s $1.20 per movie. Great value. I’m trying to hit some classics but also a lot of movies that many of you may not have ever heard of.

Boy Eats Girl is the only one on the DVD that I have ever seen being sold separately as well. I really like the title. You know that it is a horror comedy.

Unfortunately, the comedy falls flat very often, and the balance between horror and comedy is quite bad because the horror and comedy elements are both lacking. The plot is okay but can get a little ahead of itself.

The zombie virus in this film comes from a demonic snake. I guess that’s kind of original, but the idea is only half developed. It seems like the snake is only in the movie because one of the crew had a pet snake. It’s unnecessary and feels forced and out of place.

The comedy is really lacking. The first problem is a lack of comedic material. It seems as though the writer just didn’t know how to do comedy.

The gore is nothing too impressive but gets the job done. There is actually a surprisingly small amount of zombies in the film. Aside from one scene which contains many zombies and some weird construction vehicle, the rest of the movie is rather dry on the walking dead.

I think the worst aspect of the film is the characters. There are some characters that you are supposed to dislike, but I found myself disliking the one’s I was supposed to like as well. The main guy is okay. He is kind of interesting. He is the first zombie, but instead of being brain dead and just eating everything, he slowly changes into a zombie and is able to resist his urges to eat people (except maybe once). He still has the ability to infect through biting, which is how the infection starts to spread. This was an interesting take on the start of zombie infection that I hadn’t seen before. Plus the actor reminds me a little bit of Elijah Wood, so that’s a bonus I guess?

There is a girl who actually got top billing over the main character. You are supposed to be on her side, but I really just found myself hating her. It wasn’t so much the character as it was the actress. I did like one of the friend characters. There are two friends that are supposed to be comic relief which shouldn’t be need in what is supposed to be a comedy.

The movie is trying to be ‘Shaun of the Dead’, but just doesn’t work on a lot of levels.

It sounds like I must really hate the movie, but no I actually really enjoyed it. This is the kind of bad movie that I really enjoy. I recommend getting the DVD with the 4 films on it, because they are all in the same category of “So bad it’s good”. They are just really fun horror movies, and I will be talking about the rest of them in the following days.



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