The Mist (2007) Macabre month of horror #3

The Mist” is based off of a Stephen King novel. There are so many Stephen King novels and so many movies based off of them. There are some all time greats like The Shining, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption,Misery, and of course Maximum Overdrive. But there are also many bad Stephen King adaptations. Is this one good or bad?

“The Mist” Stars Thomas Jane, who I like, enough. When I first heard about “The Mist” and saw trailers I was intrigued by it. I thought it could be a tense horror/thriller with good suspense, intriguing story and interesting characters. But we didn’t really get any of that.

The story is very – basic. There’s just not much to it. The intrigue wears off very quickly. I really feel a lot of missed potential. There are moments when that potential starts to break through, but never quite makes it. Most of the intrigue comes from wondering what is actually in “The Mist”.

I think the answer was revealed too early on. Movies have forgotten that you don’t need everything shoved in your face. This movie does it better than most movies that have come out recently. When you actually see what is in the mist, it was rather disappointing. At least to me. I expected either something more interesting, or whatever it was to be left to the imagination for the most part.

The characters aren’t completely flat, but they aren’t very interesting either.

I thought the effects were pretty good. But as with any other film, I don’t believe effects can carry a film.

“The Mist” is not horrible. It’s not even bad really, it’s just very mediocre.

Could have been very good, but leaves you feeling disappointed.



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