The Bourne Legacy is a cop out

The Bourne Legacy is the fourth movie in the Jason bourne series and it’s really the odd one out.

It’s not just because this is the only one not to star Matt Damon. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. The books by Robert Ludlum also featured agents other the Jason Bourne. I welcomed the idea of a new protagonist, and Jeremy Renner was a great choice for the role.

Edward Norton has a supporting role and he feels underutilized. He is an amazing actor and he does all that he can with the role, but there isn’t very much depth to the character.

The events in the film happen at the same time as the events from the Bourne Ultimatum. Characters mention Jason Bourne and the woman with him, and we see some news clips and headlines regarding Jason Bourne. A lot of people expected to see Matt Damon in the movie, and I’m not really sure why. If you’ve seen the trailers then you know it is a different character, I’m not sure where the impression of Jason Bourne returning came from.

The movie is more of a spy thriller than an action film, so there isn’t a whole lot of actual action, but the little there is, is well shot. I think the other Bourne films had too much shaky cam, but this one had a good amount without going overboard.

Jeremy Renner does a good job as the lead, but the character isn’t terribly interesting. In the previous films we had the character of Jason Bourne who had no memory and his drive was finding out who he is and why people want him dead. In this film the character is addicted to blue and green pills and his drive is finding more of them when he runs out. There is more to it than that, but it is still a lot less compelling. A man’s search to uncover his past is much more interesting than a man feeding his addiction.

I was enjoying the movie, a lot actually, right up until the end. It’s not that the end was bad, the problem was the lack of an ending. The movie is building up to a climax that never happens. It feels like the movie is still building up when the Bourne music kicks on and the credits roll. When that music kicks on you immediately know that it is the ending, but don’t accept it. There is a final action sequence. You saw it in the trailers, it’s a motor bike chase. It ends with someone who, I guess is supposed to be the big bad guy of the film. The problem is that this bad guy is only introduced to you at the start of the chase.

The ending ruined the movie for me, which is a shame because I was really enjoying it. There is a lack of accomplishment in the film. The characters never really achieve anything. The only thing that really gets accomplished is that they don’t die. That and he breaks his drug addiction, but that’s not important. They don’t really help the situation, nothing they do really affects anything.

Could have been great if the ending wasn’t a cop out. 


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