The Expendables ~ much better the second time around

The Expendables (2010 film)

Before I say anything about ‘The Expendables 2′ let me briefly talk about the first one.

Simple but great premise. Get as many great action stars together for a nonstop shoot ’em up. Sounds great, and it should have been but …

The first Expendables was a very disappointing movie. Great cast, a few missing people plus one or two that didn’t need to be there. We have Stallone directing who can definitely do action. “Rambo” was great. The main problem was the uneven pacing and large amount of down time, mixed with either missing or half finished character development.

In a movie like Expendables you don’t need that much character development. But when they try to develop a character, and then don’t fully formulate the character, it ends up being a waste of time. The whole ending segment at the castle like place was what the rest of the movie should have been like. The end hit the mark while the rest of the film kind of missed it. We have great gun play, cool fighting, and best of all Terry Crews and his amazing gun.

I was really surprised to see that most reviewers liked the first Expendables. Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger make cameos in the movie and are in a single scene together with Stallone. For most critics just having them all in a room together was enough, but not for me. Willis and Schwarzenegger never even do any action. The first one was not really bad in any way, just very, very disappointing.

Now for the Expendables 2

This one was a hell of a lot better. Much more action and much less down time.

Let’s go over the expendables themselves.

We have (in order of billing)

Sylvester Stallone1. Sylvester Stallone
+ Leader of the group
+ Classic action star
+ Pistol expert
– named “Barney” I can’t take anyone named Barney seriously.

Jason-Statham2. Jason Statham
+ Second in command under Stallone (Which I find strange since he is a less experienced actor than most some other expendables.)
+ Going to be a classic action star.
+ Throwing knife expert (not used as much as in the first movie.)
– some very cheesy lines but he makes most of them work.

3. Jet LiEnglish: Jet Li in Davos, Switzerland, 2009
+ Classic martial artist
+hand to hand expert

– is only in the first ten minutes of the movie
– Goatee (Off putting. Made me think of Gomez from “Breaking Bad”)

English: Dolph Lundgren at the 2010 Comic Con ...

4. Dolph Lundren
+ Has some of the funniest lines in the movie
– former bad guy
+ current good guy

Terry Crews at the 79th Annual Academy Awards ...5. Terry Crews
+ Old Spice power
+ best gun in both films
– loses gun after a few minutes

Randy Couture at the premiere of Redbelt at th...

6. Randy Couture
– No purpose in the expendables
– The one person who should be cut

7. Liam Hemsworth
– purpose is to die and provide revenge angle.
-+ pretty much the same sniper character from “Rambo”

We also have Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in larger roles and they actually do action this time. Now that Schwarzenegger isn’t governor he is doing action movies again. His next one after Expendables is already on the way.

Zoe BellThere is a woman who joins the Expendables, Nan Yu, but she is not actually “One of the expendables”.

The only women I think could hang with the Expendables are

1.Zoe Bell
~ Death Proof

2. Rose McGowan
~ Planet Terror

The villain is played by Jean Claude Van Damme. He does great. His trademarks were kicking and doing splits. He doesn’t do any splits but he does roundhouse kick a knife into a guy’s chest so I think he compensated just fine.

Of course Chuck Norris is in the movie. He actually tells a Chuck Norris joke, and it isn’t the first time. His part is slightly more than a cameo. He does do action even if most of it happens off-screen. But he is Chuck F*CKING NORRIS!

The movie is very funny too. Lots of cheesy one liners and throw backs to previous movies they’ve done.

The action is great and there is plenty of it. Brutal and bloody.


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  1. jmount43 says:

    Great review. I just don’t have much interest in seeing this one or the first one, though.


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