Save Money at No More Rack

Sony Bloggie Full HD 1080P Camcorder

I’m always on the look out for free stuff and great deals, and No More Rack has both.

I’m not affiliated with No More Rack and was a bit skeptical at first when I viewed the site. With 90% off retail on brand name clothes, electronics, accessories and more it seemed a little too good to be true.

But, my aspiring film maker/artist son Sam needed a new camera since the one he’s been using was damaged during a shoot and now can’t zoom in or do anything except record.

It’s still pretty amazing the work he was able to do with the old camera. Click here to see Disassociation, his latest short film pre-Bloggie.

So, after much research I jumped on the deal at No More Rack for the Sony Bloggie Full HD 1080P Camcorder for only $69. It normally retails for $234.99. That is one heck of a savings. Plus for signing up and referring some friends I got a couple $10 gift cards and saved even more. I did see some other sites offering it for roughly the same price, but with the additional discounts and quality customer service, I went with No More Rack.

Shipping was reasonable and at checkout the notice said delivery would take 2-3 weeks. I was completely surprised when it was in our mailbox three days later. And, as promised it was brand new and came with a free carrying case and table top tripod.

According to Sam “The Bloggie quality is really good. I’m not the biggest fan of touch screens but it works really well. It’s got really good range and an option for higher shutter speed if I need to do slow motion.”

Sam and his friend Shaun made this funny short film ‘HillbillyChase’ in Danbury, NH to test out the new Bloggie.

As for me, I definitely see more visits to No More Rack in my future.


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