Memento (2000) Review

Memento was based off of a short story by Jonathan Nolan called Memento Mori. Then his brother Christopher Nolan adapted it into a screenplay, and directed it as a thriller called Memento. Jonathan has also worked on other films with Christopher including, The Dark Night, The Dark Night Rises, and The Prestige.

Memento won 45 awards and was nominated for another 33 awards. I knew absolutely nothing about Memento before watching it. I had heard that it was a good movie, but that was all. So I’m going to keep the plot out of my review.

Memento stars Guy Pearce who has been in many other films and shows, but I haven’t really seen anything else with him in it. He was great in this, so maybe I will see some more stuff with him in it now. It also stars Carrie-Anne Moss of Matrix fame, and Joe Pantoliano. Both do their job very well.

The story in this is just fantastic. It’s such a smart story told in a completely engrossing way. The story is told backwards. It starts on one final shot then rewinds. From there on the movie plays in backwards in chronological order. There are colored segments, which are interrupted by black and white segments.

The way the story is written works with this style of story telling. You would think that having the ending spoiled would ruin the intrigue. But it does just the opposite. There is actually a line in the movie where someone is reading the same book for the 100th time, and someone say’s “I thought the point of a book was to find out what happens next.” That is subtle irony. The audience knows what happens next, yet it works better. If the story was told in chronological order, it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable. It just wouldn’t be as interesting or effective.

The directing is really solid. I have grown to like Nolan. I always respected him as a director, but now I enjoy his style and have come to like most of his films.

Memento has a great story with some big twists along the way. I highly recommend it.



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  1. Wow! This is a great movie… or is it? I can’t remember :). Just kidding! I loved the fact that the character was forced to tattoo his most important thoughts and memories and also take pictures of people he knew. I mean, what sort of existence can a person loke that have? If I suffered from that kind of memory loss, I’d kill myself if only I could remember I wanted to do that…


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