“Scavenging” a post Armageddon mini-series

Scavenging is a horror/action mini-series set in a post Armageddon New Hampshire. The series stars Emmett Morrill as Alverez and me, Sam Kench as JuanDingo. The characters are scavengers. They do not have an overall goal except to survive. They are not heading anywhere but are just going where they need to, to find resources.

All of the dialogue and banter between JuanDingo and Alverez is completely unscripted. The only scripted parts are the opening prologue and the holo-tapes that play. It not unscripted because I was lazy or anything like that. It is unscripted to be more natural and realistic. I planned out the story. Where we start, where we end, important things that happen along the way. But I left all the dialogue and movements unscripted. I feel that thinking of what happens on the spot, really added to the realism of the show, and increased the overall effect of the atmosphere.

The atmosphere Is a huge part of the show. The locations that we filmed at, actually were authentic destroyed and run down places. You don’t really know when the show is actually taking place. There is a mix of old and future technology.The world has been in chaos for such a long time, that people have become complacent, and killing and war is now common place. Two generations have passed since the start of the end. We are not playing older people, we are playing our age. Our characters have grown up in this world, and know nothing but stories and fantasies of how the world was before.

Here is part 1 or Watch the video on our Youtube channel where you can see it full-screen, and watch it in glorious HD.

The sound design is a very important part of “Scavenging”. Horror ambient noises keep you wary of the danger that lurks in the universe created by the show. You can hear destruction in the background. bombs going of, buildings being broken into, all necessarily in creating the doomed world that “Scavenging” exists in.

As a special bonus for all our readers, Click Here to see the next episode before it is released on Youtube or anywhere else.

If you like the video(s) can you help them gain recognition by sharing, commenting, rating, and just generally spreading them around.

There will be a total of ten episodes, and I would really like this show to go somewhere.


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