Following (1998) Neo-noir month part 1 of 3

Following is a Neo-noir film written and Directed by Christopher Nolan. Christopher Nolan is a well known director now, but Following was his first feature film. He is most well known for The Dark Knight and Inception.

I think ‘Inception‘ is horribly over rated. I don’t think that it is a bad movie but people say that it is the best ever made, and that is a gross overstatement. “Inception” is a movie that I need to watch again, maybe I missed something.

The Dark Knight is a good movie. The best batman movie ever made, but I still think that it is a little over rated. There are large scenes that are useless and should have been cut from the movie. The movie needed about 30 minutes trimmed out of it in my opinion. I didn’t really like “Batman Begins” at all. I do however think that his movie “The Prestige” is very good, I will be doing a review of that movie at some point.

Now on to the “Following”. Despite thinking that Christoper Nolan is very over rated, I still think that he is a good director. I only watched “Following” because Christopher Nolan directed it, and because Netflix told me it was like “Pi” (The next movie I’m going to review for Neo-noir month). “Following” stars Jeremy Theobald, who has pretty much only worked with Nolan. The other star is Alex Haw, who has only been in this one movie. The movie is told out of order, and can be a little hard to “follow”.

The main character goes through a complete appearance change, his hair, clothes, everything change. Later on in the movie after it jumps between the time frame a couple of times they explain that he changed his appearance for a specific reason. before that part happened I wasn’t actually sure if it was the same actor or just one that looked very similar. The same character also gets horribly beaten, and that is almost another completely different look.

He gets horribly beat up in a fight between him and Alex Haw. The fight is completely pathetic. The actors are just not good at “movie fighting”. It ends up looking silly and really pulls you away from  the serious tone.

I really did not like the female character. Maybe it was the actress, or the way she was written, but I really didn’t care about what happened to her and found any scene with her boring. The other two characters are okay.

The movie had an idea that I really liked, but would have liked to have seen done differently or expanded upon. The idea of breaking into people’s homes, not to steal stuff but to just to interfere with the lives of the owners. “You take it away to show them what they had.” I like the message behind that quote. The fact that people don’t know what they have until it’s gone, people take so much for granted. I would like to see this idea in another movie. I might use this theme myself.

The title “Following” comes from what the main character likes to do, follow people. This is another interesting theme. he followed them, not to attack them or stalk them, but just to see where they go and what they do. When he started he would just pick a random person that looked interesting and follow them. He would never follow the same person twice. He breaks his rule and trouble happens. The idea of following is interesting but just like the robbery I feel it could have been expanded upon. It seems like the part that inspired the title is kind of lacking.

I really like the ending. The whole story wraps up very nicely and things come full circle. The ending is not really a twist but a jump. The ending made the movie worth watching in my opinion.

“Following” is an okay movie that has some really good things going for it. But, not worth going out of your way to watch.


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