From Dusk Till Dawn review ~ Part 3

From Dusk till Dawn (soundtrack)
From Dusk till Dawn (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t like this poster as much as the other ones, but it is the one that I see more often. Salma Hayek‘s role is much smaller than you would imagine, judging from the posters and trailers.  She does however bridge the two sections together. Her dance in the middle connects the thriller to the horror. You also sort of get the feeling that she is the leader of the vampires.

Juliette Lewis play’s a large role in the movie. She is also in another movie that Tarantino wrote but did not direct; “Natural Born Killers.”

I don’t really like Juliette Lewis,and I can’t stand her voice, but in this movie she does a good job. Her character goes through an age regression, in my eyes anyway. When I saw her for the first time in the diner I thought that she was Jacob’s young wife. Obviously that isn’t the case. As the movie goes on she looks younger and younger, until the end where she looks like just a little girl.  Just my opinion though. Usually you would expect someone going around killing vampires to look older in doing so, not younger. Not a literal regression of course.

Her character is completely screwed at the end of the movie. Her whole family is dead, she is in Mexico, and the only other person she knows leaves her at the bar alone. Sucks for her.

Harvey Kietel is great. This is the third time he has worked with Tarantino. His character has a good story arc, and he’s awesome when he starts killing the vampires with his cross shotgun.

Cover of "From Dusk Till Dawn"
Cover of From Dusk Till Dawn

“From Dusk Till Dawn” is a great cult favorite horror movie, that everyone should see.



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